Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Population Crisis

Over at Human Events Online, I found a "Breakpoint" commentary by Chuck Colson, about the true "population crisis" now undeniable: the developed world is having too few babies, and it will become a crisis before very long. (See last Sunday's homily in the archive that mentions this.)

Here's an exerpt from Colson:

In Germany, the population of some villages has shrunk so much that “there are now too few people flushing for the sewage to properly flow.” As a result, the government has had to spend scarce resources on retrofitting sewage systems.

Elsewhere in Germany and the rest of Europe, the emptying landscape provides an opening for an unlikely immigrant: the wolf. German biologists expect the growing packs to head soon toward Berlin.

Although I think Chuck Colson is a straight-shooter, am I wrong to be just a little skeptical of these claims?

Still, the larger problem is real.

The pill and the condom: anti-sacraments for secular man.

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