Monday, July 18, 2005

This is about stupidity, or compulsion, or both...

This is an all-too-familiar headline:

"Tri-State Man Caught In Internet Sex Sting"

What boggles my mind is it appears -- regularly -- on the Internet!

Think about this.

You "surf the 'net" . . .
Thinking about "Internet sex" . . .
Wouldn't you notice a headline like this--at least, maybe, the 10th or 20th time it appears?

Of course I'd hope folks seeking this sort of thing would avoid it for reasons of conscience; but if not...Dude, you're gonna get caught! That girl is really a cop--maybe paunchy, middle-aged...get a clue!

And, seriously, this is yet again an illustration of the power of addiction--so if Internet-sex guy is reading this, check out Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous, or Sexual Compulsives Anonymous. Find some relief in surrender to the Higher Power.

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