Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Can any good thing come from NPR?

On NPR this morning, not one but two good stories back to back!

The first one was an interview with George Ayittey, a professor of economics at American University, who said what Africa needs isn't mysterious: it needs honest capitalism (i.e., more market economics and less kleptocracy).

Then, an item on pain -management that offers hope. (Pain-management is the key, underlying issue to a lot of the euthanasia debate, and a justice issue: if our laws and law-enforcement regimen interferes with pain-management and comfort-care, that is unjust. Something our bishops ought to take a look at.)

Add in a story on "union wars" in West Virginia, told from the usual, top-down, quasi-Marxist perspective, but nonetheless didn't completely whitewash union thuggery...not bad for National Proletarian Radio.

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