Friday, July 15, 2005

'The Passover of the Lord' (today's homily)

If we meditate on the Passover meal,
Or the Exodus, of course we see connections with what we believe:
An innocent lamb is taken, and broken;
His blood is on the doorposts, turning away destruction;
You eat it, ready for a journey,
Ready to go—when the Lord says—from slavery in Egypt,
To the journey of faith in the wilderness.

Notice, there was a lamb for each household.
But we have just one Lamb,
because we are all one household.
This is the Lord, the Lamb of God, slain at Passover!
This is the Cross, and the Mass, the Eucharist,
and our daily journey with God!

Let me just call attention to part of the Mass:
After the Eucharistic Prayer,
Jesus is present on the altar,
We pray the Our Father, and exchange the peace.
Notice what comes next:
The priest holds up the host, and begins our prayer,
“Lamb of God”—and as he does so, he breaks the Lamb!

The body and blood of the Lamb is mingled in the cup;
The meal is prepared, the sacrifice for us to share.
And just before we do, the priest shows the Lamb,
Saying, “Behold the Lamb of God,
Who takes away the sins of the world.”

As St Paul says, this is our Passover feast.

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