Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday cancelled!

We had a nice Mass planned for the schoolchildren this morning; all the grades were going to come together, and that always occasions some excitement, as we have two campi*, and so for most school Masses, the younger grades are at one parish, and the older at the other. They would receive ashes -- something absolutely everyone can receive.

Alas, the weather intervened. The relatively warm weather, combined with rain yesterday, and I guess a drop in temperature last night, has produced a "saturated snow pack" and something the Dayton Daily News calls "freezing fog." So, first school was delayed; then cancelled.

Of course, Mass went on as usual at St. Mary, and we will have Mass this evening at St. Boniface -- at 7 pm, preceded by two hours of confessions.

*plural for campus if you are a Latin snob

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Karen said...

I have old eyes so I find the dark color a challenge to read.
God bless!