Sunday, February 25, 2007

So, you think you're traditional, huh?

Late-Roman Empire attire came to the streets of Piqua today.

Their pastor strode the streets of downtown, attired as a cleric of Rome, circa 5-6th century. Cassock, alb, cincture, stolam et casulam; purple for Lent, of course.

Now, while I probably am crazy, this is not further evidence--it was one of those things.

We had a rite at the 10:30 am Mass, at St. Boniface, for those entering the Church at Easter, and Mass ran a little long. I had to be at noon Mass at St. Mary; I departed St. B at around 11:53 am.

So, I left my Mass attire on. Which meant, after Mass at St. Mary, I had to return it all to St. Boniface.

And, I had to make a stop downtown along the way.

Now what's all that gas about our clergy not being traditional enough? Top that!


Kat said...

what no pictures????

Jeffrey Smith said...

I'd have loved to be a mouse in the corner for that!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Thanks, with everything going on or not going on at my parish, I needed the humour.

Kevin said...

Can you please post some pictures, Fr. Martin?

Kevin said...

If you have any at all from anywhere, that is. I'm curious to know what the traditional clothing was.

Father Martin Fox said...


I was simply wearing my Mass vestments; my point was, Mass vestments are a stylized form of what men wore in public in the late-Roman-empire period (or so I am told).

No pictures because I was simply going from one parish to the other, and had to get out of my car briefly, on an errand. I don't ordinarily have someone follow me around taking pictures.

Kasia said...

Aw, no priestly paparazzi? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You actually did an errand wearing Mass vestments? Please say it isn't true!

Father Martin Fox said...


I had to drop something off, and it needed to be dropped off right away; so I did it on the way from one church to the other, rather than keep it till after I'd driven to the other church, unvested, and did a few other things there needing to get done. What's the big deal?

Tim said...

Yeah, we want pics!!!