Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homily Wednesday

Wednesday morning is when I try to prepare my homily for Sunday.

Sometimes the time gets crunched by other duties; sometimes, the task needs more time than a morning. Today was one of those.

I'm preparing a homily following up the pope's decision two weeks ago, permitting wide use of the Mass according to the classic form, i.e., the 1962 Missal. But this, in combination with his letter several months ago on the Eucharist, and his call for re-appraising Vatican II not as "rupture" with the past, but as continuity with the Tradition, in my judgment gives greater significance to his hope that the two forms of the Roman Rite (old and new) will "mutually enrich each other."

So I'll preach at all Masses this weekend on this theme.

Unless something else comes up, who knows? That's the plan, at any rate--I just finished the draft of the homily; later this week, if time allows, I'll try to add some polish and tighten it up if possible.

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beez said...

I wish you greater success than my pastor, who addressed the Motu this Sunday past (not in his homily - sometimes he makes announcements before the start of Mass.) Well, after Mass I heard a couple people complaining in the parking lot. From their conversation, I think they expected him to interrupt construction of an altar rail to say mass.

As an entering seminarian, I would like to thank Papa Benedict for doing this now. In five years, things may actually be settling down. :)