Thursday, July 05, 2007

Looking for an older, stone baptismal font

This is a shout-out for anyone who knows about reclaimed liturgical items and church furnishings. FYI, I have gone to E-bay, and I am in touch with SPORCH and King Richard's in Georgia; but there are surely others out there, perhaps even a pastor, priest or active layperson in a parish somewhere who has what is sought.

Here's what I'm talking about:

A baptismal font, traditional styling, carved from stone. These things are usually not bigger than 4 feet at the widest, often narrower; usually between three and four feet tall. Older ones frequently had ornate covers, but that isn't important.

For this purpose only, I created an email address: Since that is not an account I check routinely, I won't check it unless you tell me, here, you sent something.

Also, please understand this email is not provided for requests for advice, counseling, appointments and so forth. (Parishioners know how to reach me.) I say this, because I discovered, when I last provided an email address, that many requests came in for advice, counseling, questions about theology, the Bible, Church history and so forth, and I simply don't have the time to handle all that, no offense. Further, for me to provide advice or counseling or spiritual direction via email--to a stranger whose full situation I know nothing about--is not at all appropriate, unless it is very general in nature. That's why I stopped providing an email here, some time ago.


Anonymous said...

Father Martin,
check your special e-mail address for a suggestion. Suzy K.

Joshua Smith said...

I left some contact info that might be of interest.

Deacon Jim said...

Sent a suggestion.

Tim Lang said...

I hope you are succeessful with this and all of your undertakings to improve the liturgical and sacramental life of your parish.

I wonder if a phone call to the archdiocese of Boston inquiring about baptismal fonts from closed parishes would provide any leads?

Maybe Dom Bettinelli could be of some help?

The cost of transport might be prohibitive. I am suggesting Boston only because they seem to be farther along in the restructuring/consolidation /closing process than others.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there is a group in the Pittsburgh area that has many of the older statues (and probably baptismal fonts too) that they restore and get back "into circulation".

Anonymous said...

Please check your account for some contact info on an individual who may be able to help.

Andrea Brown said...

Sent some info regarding baptismal fonts.

Andrea Brown said...

Baptismal font update

Anonymous said...

Sent you an e-mail on a local possibility.

Ann S.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email regarding a baptismal font.
gine elliott