Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not enough spicy content here...

My friend Victor at Rightwing Film Geek (listed to your right), discovered his blog is rated "NC-17" by Mingle2


Vic explains: "According to Mingle, this is because of the following words and the number of usages: death (20x); sex (18x); gay (10x); abortion (9x); dead (4x); crap (3x); porn (2x); hurt (1x).

Meanwhile, I got an embarrassing "G" rating.

So apparently I need to write more about death, sex, being gay, or not being gay, or abortion, which is death, because it makes people dead, and that hurts, and its crappy, but what about porn? Porn is pretty crappy, but not as crappy as death and abortion, and porn certainly makes sex crappy, if you understand what sex is really about? Sex is about life, not death; gay really means happy, it isn't about sex at all, and I'm trying to find a way to shoehorn more use of "abortion," "dead" and "death" in here, but I'm running out of ideas.

Let's see, that ought to get me at least an "R," don't you think? (Death sex abortion sex crap gay sex dead gay abortion death.)

Update: about a minute after posting this, I re-tested my site at Mingle--and now I rate an:



Daddio said...

That is hilarious! Do they check the comments too? Can we help?

beez said...

Thank you, Fr. Fox.

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An NC-17 rating from a site that uses words but no context: Priceless