Monday, July 16, 2007

Went to a movie: Transformers

Haven't been to a movie in awhile, thought I'd see something escapist: Transformers or Harry Potter?

Opted for Transformers, on the expectation of lots of Armageddon; and it delivers that. However, I should have realized this is more of a kids' film.

Sorry to say, it had a few things in it that I found inappropriate for a kids' film -- some sexual references that could easily have been left out, and would make me not want to bring pre-teen kids.

Special effects were great; but nowadays, that's becoming old hat -- which makes me kinda feel sorry for the special effects folks in the movie industry.


beez said...

I saw this with my brother and his 11-year-old son.

I didn't think the movie was that bad, but like you said there were some sexual references that weren't necessary to carry the story forward.

My issue with the special effects action films is that action has grown so frenetic it actually makes me nauseous.

Fr. Ron Williams said...

You should have gone to see Harry Potter instead. The story was rather thrilling to watch. And, more importantly, no inappropriate sexual references -- just Harry experiencing his first kiss -- and no foul language either.

Matt said...

Agree. The one sexual reference in particular was completely pointless. Was it supposed to be funny that his mom would bring it up?

The more cynical part of me viewed it as yet another attempt by the media to desensitize young men to the gravity of that particular sin.

Heaven knows, they don't portray it as a sin in the SexEd class in public schools (not that anything is considered "sinful" by the teachers of those classes)

DigiHairshirt said...

My son liked it - but then, he's six. Fortunately, the father of one of his friends volunteered to take the two boys, so I did not have to go.

Derek said...

It is, appropriately, rated PG-13.