Saturday, January 28, 2006

Show his power, spread his fame (Sunday homily)

"His fame spread everywhere
through the whole region of Galilee."

The reason why is not hard to see:
Because he taught with authority—
and then he showed it,
with his power to cast out evil

and to bring healing.

In this and many other ways,
the Gospel of Mark shows that Jesus

is not merely a man,
not just another teacher,
but "the Son of God"—
Yahweh, the Lord God,

come to earth among men.

God’s People, in Moses’ time,
were afraid to hear God’s voice;
God is too great, too awesome.
This is one of the reasons God became man—
so that he could come near us,

and we could bear it.

So if today you hear his voice,

harden not your heart!

What might Jesus be saying with authority
to you or to me, today?

So often, being a Christian
demands more of us than we like.

What teaching might we need to hear—

with authority?

We all "have issues" with something—
some part of what it means to be a Christian;
some part of Church teaching,

in how we live our lives;
maybe some resolution—
to pray, to get involved,

to make a change—
that we keep putting off?

Sometimes, when I’m talking with someone
in the sacrament of penance—
and, by the way,

while I will never say anything
about what you say there,
I am allowed

to say some of what I might say—
I often suggest to folks

that maybe there’s a resolution,
half-formed, in their hearts:
and if so, I encourage them
to have a conversation with the Lord:
"It’s not about what I say, as the priest—
but what might He be saying to you?
It’s between you and Him!"

What might he be asking of you…today?

Remember: he speaks with authority—
that doesn’t just mean, "I better do it"—
that’s certainly true!
It also means, he has power!
He can help you change!

Sometimes folks struggle, to get to Mass,
or to pray regularly,

or to make some other change.

You know what can help?
Ask God to give you the desire:
"Please give me the desire to"—

and fill in the blank.

Jesus is the teacher with authority—
His word is full of power—
because he is the Word of the Father,
who made both heaven and earth!

He who made the world

can remake you and me!

His fame spread throughout Galilee—
because people saw his power.

You and I want his fame

to spread through our area.
Our community needs to hear about Jesus.
Folks all around us need to hear his voice—
their hearts need to be softened.
They need his healing; they need life!

How will his fame spread through our region?
When people see that he has changed our lives—
yours and mine; when they see evil cast out—
they’ll be amazed, too:
and they’ll say: we know who you are, Jesus:
The Holy One of God.


tom said...

Father...if your homilies are always that short and to the point I may just have to find your Masses. I linked your site, also. Would you consider mine?

Father Martin Fox said...


I have to confess -- this is one of my shorter homilies for a Sunday -- about 5 minutes. More often, I'm between 7 and 10 minutes; my shortest was 18 words!

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