Monday, February 27, 2006

Mother Dagmar re-emerges

This story originated from a post at Seminarian Patrick Gallagher's blog, Veritas nunquam perit.

He describes the latest doings of Ohio's former first lady, Dagmar Braun Celeste, more recently "ordained" by a renegade, ex-Catholic bishop.

His post is hilarious; no comment is necessary on that.

Back already? Okay, so Mr. Gallagher's post gets me curious; what else has been going on with "Mother" Dagmar?

So I google her; and I find an interview with the priestess at the Ohio Free Times

"Are you still a practicing Roman Catholic?

I abide not being able to take communion, but what has happened is that ordinary lay people bring me communion. I have not felt deprived of the sacrament particularly, even though that is the intent of the excommunication. My priesthood is more important in terms of presence than in terms of presiding. What's really important is to empower people to nurture each other."

Umm . . . if she's a valid, Catholic priest, why would she need anyone to bring her communion?

Really, this is just too funny; alas, I am not good enough to satirize this. Perhaps those lovable smart alecs at the Shrine of the Holy Whapping can do it justice?


Patrick said...

Father Thanks for the nod, it's an honor to be noticed by you,

I just don't get her quote with the, "My priesthood is more important in terms of presence than in terms of presiding."

If this is the case why does she feel the need to only preside at Pagan festivals.

Fr Martin Fox said...


My not "getting" Rev. Dagmar began a long way before that!

But that particular quote seems to say she doesn't offer Mass very often -- that is, after her (pretend) fashion . . . which would explain why someone brings her communion.

Other thoughts occur . . . does she really know how? Does she have anyone -- other than the Pagans! (that deserves a couple more !!'s -- there) -- who want her to preside at "Mass"?

In fairness, I suppose she might be busy about other ways of helping people. But it makes me wonder what sort of theological formation she had prior to her "ordination."

Oh, and I did I mention she participated in a performance of the "Vagina Monologues"? ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Why would she be having Holy Communion brought to her if she is excommunicated? Who would have given permission for this to happen?

Mark Anthony said...

Allow me to help Patrick et al. understand Mother Dagmar's juxtapositioning of "presence" and "presiding." To "preside" is to stand above and against others, to draw attention to oneself and dictate how others are to act and respond. To be "present" is to be among as an equal and dispense with any oligarcial notions of position and power.

Really, you guys ought to get out more...That's not even a hard one to parse.

A bit more seriously, I find a certain poignancy (no spellchecker here, but I think that is right...) in the image of others, presumably Catholic, bringing her the Eucharist. There is a "presence" there that draws us, no matter what baggage we might carry. She knows, in her spirit, that something real is there, and she wants to be a part of it. Beyond all the nonsense, there is beauty and hope in such a hunger.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Another argument for doing away with communion in the hand. If communion were on the tongue, no one could sneak out with hosts. Unless she means the ubiquitous "Eucharistic Ministers" are secretly filching an extra host and hiding it somewhere to bring to her later. Another argument for doing away with....oh, never mind. I'll get flamed - and I am not even a radtrad!