Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just home from the Vigil...

...And I need to unwind a bit before going to bed.

It was a loolapalooza! The wind made it hard to keep the candles lit outside, but once inside, we got everyone's candle lit. The servers did a great job, from beginning to end, although I realize they had to be tired. Because of the few times I've been part of this Mass, let alone been the celebrant, I can't remember everything, such as--does the celebrant incense the altar at the beginning? Seems not, since the candle is the focus; anyway, I didn't. If I may say so, I think that was my best job singing the Exsultet, at least it felt best. I should stick to that, rather than Frank Sinatra songs!

We did seven of the nine readings; that's an increase from before, and my plan is next year, we'll do all nine.

We started at 9 pm, so it was properly dark; unfortunately, when Easter falls 2 weeks later, it will likely be 9:15 or so.

Everything went well, except I always get lost at sea with the baptisms and confirmations, especially the latter, as I don't normally do confirmations. I did a lot of running around the sanctuary, which isn't ideal, but there it is.

We had a good crowd, almost 300, which is pretty good hereabouts for the Vigil.

The choir worked hard, and everyone sang well throughout.

I sang the Roman Canon, and remembered to include the special inserts, which I forgot for Holy Thursday!

At the end, we had a blessing of some baskets for the newly baptized and received into the Church, and then some jelly beans which I was told I was expected to pass out to the young 'uns, so I did as I was told.

It was 2-1/2 hours, but people lingered awhile afterward...

Oh, and lots of candles, I tried to have lots of incense, and the other two priests were with me, and we were all resplendent in gold chasubles. Lots of flowers everywhere, I tried my best to douse everyone with holy water, and I put a lot of chrism on the newly confirmed!

After the Mass at St. Mary, I went over to St. Boniface, where we have a perpetual adoration chapel. I took a "luna"--that is, the glass container--with a host consecrated at the Vigil -- over to the chapel, to place in the monstrance; once I did that, we resumed exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel, and the Sacrament returned to the tabernacle in the church upstairs. At the first Mass tomorrow, the retired priest will bless Easter water, and we'll have holy water in the fonts again after the Triduum.

Now I'm sitting here, having some cheese and salami, and drinking a beer I only buy for special occasions, Liberty Ale, which is very tasty and refreshing.

No more fasting! Christ our passover lamb has been slain for us--therefore, let us keep the feast!


Vicki aka Diva Mom said...

Happy Easter, Father! Have a cold one for me!

Adoro said...

Happy Easter, Father!

I can't sleep, either, after our Vigil.

Our Adoration does not resume until Tomorrow after 12:15 Mass, and we've always had water in our fonts - it's fresh water, now, though.

This is my first year on the RCIA team, and we had 25 catechumans/candidates...Father couln't stop smiling. It was so cool. I sponsored one of the candidates also, and she stood up next to her daughter also being received - just amazing.

These people are so happy tonight, likely to be up long after you or I.

One of our candidates is 60, and has always wanted to be Catholic - tonight was literally a dream come true for her.

John L. Wright said...

It WAS a very good Exultet, Fr. Happy and Blessed Easter to you and your Liberty Ale (not a bad idea!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Father Martin - My son and I went to the Cathedral for the Vigil. The music was magnificent, the cathedral beautifully decorated, and they did all 9 readings (much to surprise of my 18 year old son - who at least knew to look in the booklet and whispered to me with big eyes - they're going to do them ALL!!)

Unfortunately, it was not a big crowd and they had no one being baptized, confirmed nor coming into the Church.

Have a wonderful day after the Masses this morning - I'm cooking!

Happy Easter - He Is Risen!!