Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Minute Hate at the airport, continued...

This morning I'm flying out of BWI, back to Dayton.

My original plan was to take the Metro downtown, switch to Amtrak, then to the airport--just as I did Wednesday. "Oh, you don't want to do that," a gentleman advised me after the confirmation last night. Just take a taxi straight there, it'll cost you $50, $60 at the most."

Last night, when I returned to the hotel, I asked about arranging a taxi, and asked what time the clerk would suggest. "Oh, you'd better leave no later than seven." But my flight isn't until 11--I really don't need to be there till 9:30. "Yah, but it could take a couple of hours, you never know."

OK, 7 am.

I arrived at 7:50 am (we did leave a little before seven). It cost me $100.

Remind me not to take advice.

The all-benevolent Security has something extra special at BWI--a cheery video that helps us all feel good if we do what Big Brother says, and to feel bad if we are wicked and pack our bags badly or are disorganized or bring things that Security (pbui) assures us we really don't need. They've also got a sign -- one I didn't see in Dayton -- that forbids open containers of liquids; i.e., coffee. "For your convenience."

Well, I've got my cup of coffee, and I found a corner in the concourse where I can plug in my laptop. Free wireless? Hahahaha! But at least it's quiet now. There is a comfortable seat nearby, that even provides a massage--for a couple of minutes. Then it starts bleating, "please insert money...please insert money..." I'm waiting for a deaf man to come along, he'll get a great seat!


Angie B. said...

You're out in my neck of the woods now (Annapolis area). I haven't seen the security video at BWI--maybe that's a new thing. My one bad experience at that airport was when my son--5-years-old at the time--somehow got onto the government's watch list. That meant no early check-in for him, plus extra security precautions going into the gate area. They made him walk through an x-ray tunnel that also tests skin samples. You have to stand still for a moment in the middle of it, then dozens of little holes in the insides of the machine blast air at you for a few sections. Needless to say, my son was pretty frightened, even though I went through it first and tried to pretend it was fun. Fortunately, he's finally off the potential terrorists list.

Hope the rest of your trip is smooth and uneventful--except that eventful usually makes for better blogging material!

Pete said...

Safe travels home, Padre.

The whole going to the airport routine is like a ballet gone horribly upside down. There is a process/step/dance that is well choreographed and planned but
somehow, at showtime, it all turns into a twisted mess. I do the dance weekly and it never ceases to aggravate and amuse me (mostly aggravate).

Fr. Ron Williams said...

Fr. Martin,

I'm responding to an earlier comment over here because the other post is pretty full.

I have no problem with your "multi-tasking" as you put it. But if you've got time to waste on thinking about baptizing Klingons, then you've got WAY too much time on your hands, my friend.

And given the Rev. Dr. Gearhart's profuse musings on the subject, it sounds like he needs an extra four or five parishes to tend.

Fr. Ron

Fr Martin Fox said...

Father Ron:

What would you prefer I think about as I drive 80 miles from Cincinnati to Piqua?

Angie B. said...

"...If you've got time to waste on thinking about ants and quarrelsome wives and vomiting dogs, then you've got WAY too much time on your hands, my friend," said Solomon's courtiers.

Just a little humor there. The point, however, is that while God wants us to be about our daily tasks and duties, I think he also delights in our thoughts and creativity and meditations. The path to Lady Wisdom may, at times, meander through some strange places before finally arriving at her door.

Anonymous said...

Well, as far as airport security, a good friend used to say "People pretty much get the government that they deserve. The nation voted for the administration that put these practices, and a lot of other intrusive and freedom limiting rules into effect.

As for Fr. Williams comments, I think that the thoughts on baptizing Klingon's can lead to some interesting thoughts. Like "how do we recognize a human being?" "What characteristic exists, that we can recognize, that runs through all humans?" "What really is the determining factor that distinguishes male and female?"

These are all problems that we are facing today that I don't think have good and clear cut answers. I was amazed to find out that there is no criteria that can always tell if a child is male or female at birth.

So maybe Fr. Williams should think a little more about some of these problems and less about the size of the collection in his parish.

And Fr. Fox, I don't always agree with your politics, but I think that you sermons are among the best I have ever heard, my wife and I are collecting them.


Mike L

Unknown said...

Your post made me think about which airports continue to provide free wireless internet.

Here are a few I have encountered, but tell me if any of these have changed to pay services:
1) Portland, OR (PDX)
2) Sacramento, CA (SMF)
3) Greenville/Spartanburg, SC (GSP)
4) Asheville, NC (AVL)