Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some funny things I find online

Hilary and Obama are about to have their alleged death-match (does anyone remember that TV show from some years back--"Celebrity Death Match"? It was very funny until it got very gruesome), maybe I'll check it out.

Meanwhile, I'll share these bon-mots which I picked up from one of the political sites I check out, that's covering the debate:

About Hilary Clinton:

Why is the food talking? This is how one of my companions describes the way Hillary is looking at Obama when he talks.

About a possible process to make bio-fuel:

Solazyme is pursuing an unusual process for using algae to produce liquid fuels including biodiesel. In the Solazyme approach they keep the algae in the dark and feed it sugar.

This is not a new approach. Politicians have been doing this to journalists for years.


Victor said...

Yes, Padre ... CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH was awesome. And I would say the more gruesome, the funnier. After all, it's not as though the show was, or could even plausibly be seen as trying to be, the slightest bit realistic. The whole joke was on how over-the-top and anti-realistic it was.

Fr. Ron Williams said...

I'm interested in your comments on the following:

1. At the McCain rally in Cincinnati, what did you think of Willie Cunningham's ranting and raving about Obama?

2. What do you think of the way McCain responded to Cunningham?

3. Given that McCain was indifferent to Cunningham's (and also Limbaugh's) counter-attack, does this show that McCain is more interested in attracting independent voters than conservatives?

4. How will this affect McCain's chances at getting elected in November.

(N.B. By the way, I don't believe that Cunningham's or Limbaugh's views even remotely resemble a litmus test for conservatism.)

Father Martin Fox said...

Father Ron:

1. I heard about, but didn't actually hear, Cunningham's comments. But those who invited him to "warm up" the crowd and then were surprised he said inflammatory things should blame themselves. That's Cunningham's schtick.

2. McCain had little choice but to disassociate himself with that, it is too much of a distraction.

3. While that may be true, this episode doesn't really demonstrate that either way. It's damage control.

4. From what I can gather, it will have negligible effect.

Fr. Ron Williams said...

Thank you for your comments. Your insights are always very interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Bill and Hillary are smarter than the rest of us. They're playing chess while we're playing checkers."..."The Clintons are several moves ahead of us. They're looking toward 2012."..."So let's play chess. Let's look ahead. Let's assume that Obama wins the nomination. If you are the Clintons, what then?"..."So once it became clear that Obama would win the nomination, the only move left was to work toward his defeat in the general election."..."Which is exactly what the Clintons have been doing, and doing with great success."
Excerpts from a GREAT column in StlToday.com by Bill McClellan entitled "Hillary Clinton has just the right strategy — for 2012" 4/25/2008

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