Friday, May 30, 2008

Piqua Corpus Christi Procession

Here we are departing Saint Mary Church. That's yours truly in a splendid, antique cope, unfortunately, you won't see the artwork on the back.

The canopy bearers joined the procession outside of church; the center aisle is narrow. The wind was strong and carrying the canopy was harder than they expected. The candles were too long in relation to the glass globes, and they instantly went out. Next year, we'll use half-burned candles and they'll stay lit. I hope we can practice with the canopy; it was borrowed, and won't be available next year, so we need to come up with something.

You may note the other priests had humeral veils. They carried the monstrance at one point, so I thought they should each have a veil.

A nice view coming down Broadway. About 150 or so joined the procession, more were in church either at the beginning or the end (sorry no pictures of that yet).

We stopped at Jamieson & Yannucci's Funeral Home, about mid-point, for prayers and Benediction, for the benefit of anyone who did not feel up to the entire walk. Also, this was in the heart of town, and we prayed for Piqua here.

Here we are walking past one of the schools, almost to the front steps of Saint Boniface.


Anonymous said...

Great photos, Fr. Martin! Looks like you had the same kind of weather in Piqua that we had a week later in Pincourt, Quebec. You also had more KofC -- we had 2! The procession here was my first since elementary school (don't want to say how many years!), and I look forward to next year's event. Glad to see everything went well, and that you had a good crowd. Ours was a little sparse, but please God next year there will be more. totally off topic: are you able to attend the Colloquium in Chicago this summer? Unfortunately, I can't -- but I'll follow it with great interest. Regards, Patricia Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I know why the K of C have swords - to guard the Body of Christ during such processions.

I hope by the time my middle sons are old enough to join the organization they have more judgment than they currently posses (at age 6 and 4) about when, where, and with whom swordfights are and are not appropriate or else the bishop would be one unhappy man when he saw the paper the next morning : )

Congrats on your sucessful procession. I hope we have something like it one day.