Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sacrifice babies so old people can live even longer

How enlightened we are, that we take embryonic human beings, conceived for our convenience, but thrown away when we no longer need them, but--ah, we can make them useful by grinding them up for medicine so that, after we've had our lives, and our bodies start to run down, we can hang around a bit longer.

And, of course, this is why its so important that we develop technology to secure a steady supply of such embryonic human beings (none dare call it "cloning")--after all, we'll produce these embryos but they'll never become "fully human" so that makes it all perfectly moral, doesn't it?

Really, it's impossible to understand why anyone would be so cramped and cruel as to consider such an enlightened project "immoral." What's wrong with some people?


Anonymous said...

A modest proposal --
Have you noticed how the owners of big, strong bodies, for instance, Christopher Reeve, (his own,) or Nancy Reagan, (her husband's,) even though the bodies weren't much use to anyone as-is, never offered that THEY be cut up and used for parts, so that at least someone else could benefit from them?
Doesn't really seem consistent to me.
Put your body where you mouth is, I say.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think I've said this before but my father, who suffered severely from Parkinson's Disease used to say about such proposals - that he hadn't descended to cannibalism yet.

Jane M