Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations Mr. President

A few minutes before Noon, the staff gathered in the office kitchen to watch President Obama take his oath, and then deliver his speech. I am glad I didn't see the tacky way some people received President Bush when he arrived--I think I had just turned on the TV. I hope those on my side, who are not fans of President Obama, do not treat him the same way. Low class.

I was thinking last night about how easily this might not have happened: Hilary Clinton might very easily have won the nomination--to my mind, she really "should" have, in the sense that she had every advantage, and if she'd simply done a few things differently, things she could have foreseen, she'd have won the nomination--and she might well be president today. I think that, had the Iraq War not happened, or if President Bush had come up with the "surge" strategy sooner, Senator Obama might well not have had had the war as an issue, to win the nomination. And of couse, one wonders if McCain might have won, had a thing or two turned out differently.

But here he is, and I, for one, wish him well, even though I will oppose him on so many things he advocates. I am happy for him, as he dances with his wife, enjoying his day; I am very happy that the whole world witnesses something that would not happen in so many places: the barriers and bigotry of the past has been so swiftly swept aside. Not too many years ago, people said it would not happen, and if a black man became president, it would occcasion terrible reactions. In fact, we've all taken it in stride, both white and black. Many of the nations that criticize us--for all things--of not being inclusive and tolerant, surely know that what happened here would never happen in their country; and that includes many of our democratic, enlightened, allies.

Tomorrow morning, after Mass, I'll drive to DC for the March for Life on Thursday. I expect a great turnout as prolifers nationwide get up and get even more active than usual; this weekend, our parishes here will take our part in a nationwide effort to send postcards to Congress opposing the so-called "Freedom of Choice" Act, which is the most extreme pro-abortion legislation you could imagine, which we must now prevent from passing. I think we'll do it: yes, we can!

Meanwhile, let's pray for our new president, to have a change of mind and heart--that he may see that all his good words about lifting people up, and setting people free, should include the unborn.


Heather Viz said...

Amen Father. That is what I pray for everyday. God Bless you. Wish I could be up there, but I will be doing my part here by nurturing my newest one in the womb. To me, that is a pretty big pro-life testament all in itself.
Jesus help us.
In Christ,
Heather in Ga.

gramps said...

"Obama to Lift Ban on Funding for Groups Providing Abortions Overseas"

And so babies will die because he is there instead of McCain. The slaughter of the infants in his name starts. Will undoubtedly see more.