Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A day with a great end...

Today was a long slog at the office.

I had an important letter to circulate around to the Pastoral Council in advance of the next meeting; and then I had to get it out via email. Alas, we had some confusion, so I fielded a couple of calls and several emails. I had plenty of mail to open and lots of checks to sign. I had some meetings--I missed one I didn't have on my calendar--and I had some conversations about some other meetings coming up. I had something extremely delicate come up and I won't say anymore about it, but it took a fair amount of time and some emotional energy.

We had an important meeting tonight, something planned for some time. It's purpose was to brief all concerned about some ideas being considered to strengthen our Catholic school, and to get feedback. It's very delicate, because all manner of rumors circulate. Many of us involved were concerned that it wouldn't go well. I didn't know what to expect.

Well, as far as I can see, it went extremely well! A large crowd showed up--a great testimony to how much our folks care about our Catholic schools. The chairman of the committee laid out the facts very clearly, and laid out various options. Many people asked questions and offered comments--exactly what we wanted! A lot of folks have been anxious that decisions would be made without them, and God willing, tonight's meeting helped allay that concern.

I couldn't be happier! The committee did so well--the work that led to this was considerable, and the success is due to that. The chairman handled everything so well. Part of what I , personally, appreciate is that there are so many things to manage in the parishes, and having our good folks step up and do this...is so encouraging.

Of course, more work remains to be done. The next steps will depend on what we find in the written feedback. But I confess the great outcome of tonight's meeting is a relief and encouragement to me, and I have no doubt it is to the group that put it together.

When I got home, around 9:30, I had my dinner and am relaxing a little.

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Anonymous said...

Father, I used to think BXVI was the Energizer Bunny (no disrespect intended) -- sounds to me like he has some competition with you. Must be all that great Tim Hortons coffee!!

Patricia Gonzalez