Monday, July 27, 2009

Yardley, Pa.

Last night I stayed in Harrisburg; tonight I'll be joining my nephew and his son at a Trenton minor league baseball game--I'll be meeting them shortly.

A few yays and boos:

> Yay to Lancaster Brewing Co. in Harrisburg—good beer, good food;
> Yay to Valley Forge staff and volunteers, you did a great job!
> Boo to Pennsylvania Legisture for a strange law disallowing beer and wine sales in grocery stores;
> Boo to Philly drivers, only slightly less obnoxious than DC drivers;
> Boo to me for not planning my trip to Philadelphia better: I arrived in the city about 2 pm, got some lunch at a Malay-Thai restaurant (yay to the restaurant and dish whose names I cannot recall); then I walked over to Independence Hall--only to find it was too late for tickets for a tour.
> Boo to PA legislature for strange law about beer and wine sales.
> Yay to Starbucks in Yardley for having wi-fi;
> Boo to Starbucks for charging me $4 for two hours--I won't use the rest of my two hours, so nice for them.


Jeff Pinyan (japhy) said...

Welcome to the area, Father!

If you're still in the Trenton area tomorrow morning, I'm in Princeton, NJ. I'd be happy to have a cup of coffee (ok, that's a lie -- I hate coffee... but you know what I mean) if you're still around.

Ellen said...

Go Thunder - a great place to see a game. We go at least once a year - and we can take a train there too!

Anonymous said...

There is something truly unique to see not far from Harrisburg, settled in the incredibly beautiful Laurel Highlands near Ligonier PA. It's the Antiochian Village Retreat Center. Experience the wonderful music, liturgy,art, history, camaraderie, fantastic eastern food, and transcendance of our Antiochian Orthodox brethren. They are having a liturgical music conference July 29 - Aug 2 and lots of other activities on the campus. Our family has been there many times and loved it. Annie

rightwingprof said...

Antiochian Village is more over in my direction (and alas, I am not going to be able to attend the liturgical music conference). You should have hopped up to see us while you were in Pennsylvania.

Father Martin Fox said...

Annie, Prof, I'm sorry to hear I missed out on the music conference; I'm sure it was beautiful!

Jeff--sorry I missed you as well.

Mike said...

I'll second your boo and raise you one for the Pennsylvania legislature. The laws and governing principles around sale and import/export of wine, beer and liquor in the state of Pennsylvania are simply baffling. Glad you enjoyed your stay, however brief it may have been in my town - yardley.