Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Singapore Concierge

I play a pretend stock-market game called “Blogshares,” and a fellow player has a business, he shared some info about it, and offered to help me with my game if I posted a message about it. No cash payment! So for fun and as a favor to him, I’m posting some info:

He runs a concierge service in—of all places—Singapore!

This service is a perk the employer can offer the employee; and it enhances the company image. The traveling employee will be a little more rested and productive. I used to travel on business a lot before entering the seminary, and it can be exhausting. If I ever had to travel to Singapore, I'd sure benefit from this kind of service!

I’m sure, however, he provides this service outside Singapore. Not sure about Piqua, but if I find out, I’ll let you know!

Here’s something he sent me, which I’ll pass along:

Indra Brooks, Vice President of the International Concierge and Errand Industry believes, "The benefits of a concierge service accrue not just to the employees, but to the employer as well. In fact, evidence suggests that concierge services contribute to increased worker productivity, improved morale, and a hiring advantage in a tight job market. For an employer hiring competent people who want to stay, you need to offer something more than a 401(k) and health and dental. Those things are now standard, so what can you offer your employees above and beyond that to show them this is the place they want to work? A concierge service is an inexpensive way to do that."

You can find out more here at My Singapore Concierge located at http://www.mysingaporeconcierge.com/

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