Sunday, September 20, 2009

Control or the Cross (Sunday homily)

My Sunday homily was not the same text as three years ago--but the same theme. But I had no notes; I just talked about how we (I!) behave behind the wheel as an example of a vain attempt to control things--leading to anger--in contrast to the release of control that brings peace. Another example I offered was the anxiety many feel about the political situation; which we influence, but we must ultimately yield to God's providence. In contrast to control, I offered the example of our Divine Savior on the Cross. And I invited everyone who had something they would like to let go of, to place it (figuratively) with the gifts of bread and wine, as they come to the altar, so they may be offered, with the bread and wine, to the Lord to be transformed--as we long to be transformed through union with the Eucharist--into Christ himself.

If you click on the headline, you can read my homily from three years ago. I didn't actually look at it beforehand, other than to borrow the theme; but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the same ideas resurfaced--I'm not that creative!

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A good comment on the desire to control. Power struggles - great and small - are in evidence inthe smallest and most idelaistic of communities.