Thursday, November 05, 2009

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

I'm sure you've heard about the lovely songs schools have taught the children to sing to our President. Since it's so popular to do these days, I thought of some additional lyrics they could sing:

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
He’s the Leader, he’s divine
And everyone should get in line
Or give them reeducation time!

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Let the gummint take the lead
And provide for you your every need
Free to you, cuz the rich we’ll bleed!

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Barack Hussein Obama
Grammies looking a little wan
Here’s a counselor to help you plan
It’s patriotic, don’t you understand?

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Belated biretta-tip to Instapundit


Mike L said...

When I read this post I was aghast that I would see such writing come from a priest. As I usually do when such happens I asked my wife for her opinion to see if I were missing something. Her comment was, "is this a joke?"

We agreed that there is some truth to the accusation that many are looking to the government for handouts, including the Catholic Church scrambling after faith based grants. At the same time we found the tone of the post to be the same as the hate based songs that we have heard aimed at the pope and even the Blessed Virgin. We wonder if you really want to sink to that same level of hate mongering? We also found an undertone of racial bias there that we think is unbecoming of a priest.

I was also taught that we owe respect to the office even if not to the person occupying it. This included such offices as president, bishops, and many others. This no longer seems to be the standard, derision seems to be the order of the day, but that does not mean that derision is a good thing.

Perhaps you would be more effective, being a representative of Christ and his Church, by recommending we pray for our president rather than deride him. I think in doing this you might become a better role model.

Anonymous said...


Your ditty made me chuckle.


If you are equating the POTUS with the Mother of God or His Vicar on earth or even the office of the POTUS with the office of Peter you are a truly a fool. If you are not, I am truly sorry.

I read some of your blog and found it humorous that you describe Archbishop Burke as "bombastic" yet you were "aghast" at Father Fox's parody of the Obama idolatry teachers have required of school children.

Your hypocrisy is a hoot.

Tim Lang

Mike L said...

No, I was not comparing Obama with the pope of the BVM, I was comparing the ditty with ditties I have heard about the pope and the BVM, bishops, etc. I find such to be in very bad taste, no matter who they attempt to discredit. Had father simply stated that he believed people were following the wrong path, or that the schools should not be teaching such songs (I haven't heard them, so I really can't judge them), I would have found that perfectly acceptable.

There has been some discussion lately on the internet on ethics and polite behavior in blogdom. It might behoove all of us to read some of them. I made a statement about Father's post, I did not make fun of him. I often disagree with him, I still do not publish anything that makes fun of him.

As for calling me Acb Burke bombastic, I certainly was not making fun of him. I think in comparing his style of speaking with Bishop Wuerl, bombastic is an appropriate word. By the way, you must have done a great deal of searching to find that on my blog, and I think you quoted that a bit out of context.

Obviously we have different opinions, but I am not sure that name calling is called for.

Fr Martin Fox said...


It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that a Catholic priest would have better things to do with his time than to post garbage like this. As an example you could have used the time it took to write this nonsense to call a homebound parishoner to see how they were doing. I'm beginning to wonder what the seminary is teaching you guys.
Mike L., your post was right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Joke or not Padre, right on the money!

Jackie said...


Bwahahahah! What a hoot!

My goodness - such theatrical hand wringing for a ditty.

I'm sure it there wasn't an equivalent amount of outrage for the original.

Keep it up, Father.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mike L.
At the very least the post is distasteful and disrespectful.
As a joke it's not funny.
It is offensive.


James N said...

Count me among those appalled to see a priest spewing such garbage. What's your next performance? A duet with Rush Limbaugh on "Barack the Magic Negro"?

Puerile, juvenile, childish and churlish are just a few of the words that come to mind.

Your response to Mike that "it's just a joke" doesn't make it any better. I suppose you'd have chuckled and said it was just a joke if someone had posted the photo showing Pope Benedict with a beer stein in front of him on the altar instead of a chalice that circulated on the Internet after his election.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that the source of your so-called attempt at humor was frustration that someone who thinks differently from you is so popular, rather than hatred. But, like those who cynically lie about "death panels", birth certificates, a phony thesis, and on and on and on, you fan the flames of hatred in the crazies with your implication that somehow this presidency is illegitmate,regardless of the decisive result of the 2008 election.

I think you owe your parishioners a sincere apology, not a feeble, "Oh, if I somehow offended someone..." justification.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I thought of my ditty while I was in the shower--not a time I could visit a parishioner.

I posted it while I was waiting for someone to call me back. Not a time I could visit a parishioner.

I'm offering this comment about 11 pm, before I go to bed. Not a time I can visit a parishioner, don't you agree?

It amazes me that people are so fragile that a little fun at the expense of the President and his over-the-top fans is considered "hate."

And those who accuse me of--and I quote: "an undertone of racial bias"--need to put up or shut up. There is absolutely nothing in my silly little ditty that is racial. Yes, Mike L., I'm quoting you; you made the accusation, please back it up.

Greta said...

Having read Fathers blog for a while now, and not always agreeing with him, I believe the comments on this are typical of any attempt at humor or any remarks of the slightest concerns about Obama. The race card is played rapidly as if a black person cannot be chastised in any way even if he has chosen to be the President who is to serve the people who elected him. That is what makes it such a farce to see some using the Blessed Virgin in an example on how we should treat him. What a joke. Any by the way, many supporters of this president have trashed the mother of our Lord and even our Lord far worse than this priest would ever think of doing. In fact, some of my disagreements with him have been about his not bashing this guy far more during the election process.
A Priest is a person and a citizen and as such should have the opportunity to tell a joke or to pointedly have an opinion. I found this dittie more about those who support Obama with this blind chanting fervor than about Obama. Lets face it, Obama is the most pro abortion president in the history of the country and also one who in my opinion has the highest disregard for our country and its proud history than anyone who has ever considered running for office. His 20 years listening to Rev Wright should have been a signal to any proper thinking American that there was something very wrong because he dripped of black liberation theology which drips of hatred of America and whites. His policies since becomeing president have fostered greater abortion rights and now him and his party are pushing for abortion to be paid for by all taxpayers and for the conscience rights of Americans to be denied if one does not wish to serve the abortion holocaust. No, this priest has done nothing wrong for this president is also pushing for the right to silence all critics and those who are so offended by this little joke is prime example of those who want to silence all critique of their god.

In fact, I am sure that Father will not agree with all I have written either and is perfectly able to handle his own defense. but the comments proving his point simply made me mad and we all need to speak out when those who want to shut people up pop out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father. I thought it was a great joke.

Betty V.

Anonymous said...

Here is my problem with this post. The primary job of a priest is to bring us closer to the kingdom (correct me if I am mistaken). With this post you did exactly the opposite. Look at the scandal you created in some and the animosity you brought out in others.
And the person above suggested you might have "called" a shutin, not visited them. Your answer suggests you had at least one opportunity to do that.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, George, he is bringing us closer to the Kingdom by attempting to open our eyes and make us think. If the truth causes 'scandal and animosity' then so be it. This country has turned it's back on God and needs more than a little prodding to get back on track.

May God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is that ever a stretch! I don't believe for a minute that that was the good Fr.'s intention when he wrote it. And I don't see much that has to do with truth in the post.
And, from my own experience, I see more people turning to God. What some folks perceive as turning from God is actually not. A primne example is "In God We Trust" on money. It's far more important for people to have that phrase firmly embedded in their hearts than on a piece of medal. I don't think God is particularly pleased with the idea. Remember, He said Give to Ceasar the things that belong to Ceasar and to God the things that belong to Him.

May God bless us all, and forgive us our failings.


Fr Martin Fox said...


You may be scandalized by my saying this, about loosening up a little?

For one: I find that making phone calls when I'm waiting for a phone call is counter-productive--don't you?

Second: the "you should be doing something better" rejoinder only arises from people who don't like an opinion I offer. I've never had someone say, "oh you're right--but you should be visiting/calling the sick." So in practice, the "you should call the sick" is really a nicer way to tell me to keep my opinions to myself.

Third: offering political opinions with humor is not--to my mind--ground for scandal; not if you really mean scandal, which is to lead someone astray or--literally--to cause one to stumble.

And if someone feels animosity about a little joke, that says a great deal about that person, very little about me. But I do not intend to refrain from ever telling a joke, including a political one, because someone, somewhere, is tut-tutting about it. is very true that on any given day, I will spend some portion of my time doing things that could be replaced with better things. I am resting at the moment because I didn't sleep well last night and I'm tired. But--I could be at the office doing paperwork, or making calls etc. When I'm at the office, no question I am not as efficient at all times as I might be--and so it goes.

George, if you manage to be a peak efficiency at all times, and never do anything that is not the optimum thing to do at all times, I salute you. You are a better man than I.

Sometimes we have down times, low-energy times, and times we do things to amuse ourselves and others. At least, I hope you do things to amuse yourselves and others?

Anonymous said...

I am wondering,,just..if Father made the same ditty about Ron Reagon would there be such an clamor? but it is the people that have blind allegiance to Obama that automatically, mostly liberals, speaks of most mindset that liberals act with emotion and misguided principles

I find in my work place - I cannot say anything bad about Obama or immediately it is a racial thing - but if somebody said anything bad about Bush it is open game

where are we going with this?

cool out kids - it was a joke - I pray for Obama everyday even though I totally disagree with 99% of his policies

Fr Martin Fox said...

I actually thought about a ditty about Reagan in the shower this morning (oops! I should have been doing something better!), but it was about the Wall, fall...and I ran out of rhymes and then went about the rest of my day.

If anyone wants to post one, fine with me...

Anonymous said...

Just as well you ran out of rhymes regarding Reagan and the wall since history seems to have been revised and Reagan's influence is no where to be seen. It seems that Gorbie did it all on his own.

May God Bless

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

Fr. Martin, I'm afraid the logic of criticizing your use of your time escapes me. As your classmate in the seminary, I deeply respected your efficient use of time, and I have not doubt whatever of your dedication to your ministry as a priest. I also have no difficulty appreciating your need to let your hair down (particularly as this exercise has regularly subtracted from my dome cover).

Nevertheless, I take issue with the quality of your verse, unless your doggerel was intended to poke fun at the quality of the youthful paeans to his majesty, the President. I feel certain you could have done better had you taken the time to do so.

Anonymous said...

Humor that ricules someone, refers to individuals with sarcasm, and seeks to laugh at a person's race ("gummint" comes straight from Amos and Andy, and the mmm-mmm-mmm from Auint Jemima)is not humor but thinly disguised and immature efforts to discredit the person of whom you speak.

Ask yourself thesse questions, Father, and you too, old classmate:

1) would you recite this little verse to Mr. Obama himself? Would he think it was clever and amusing?

2) would you think it was funny if Mr. Obama applied the same style of "humor" to members of the Roman Curia?

3) regardless of your emotional feelings about Mr. Obama, are you aware that he is our elected President and as such represents the government of this country? To disrespect his position as President (which is not the same as agreeing or not agreeing with his politics) is to disrespect our country.

It's fine to reasonably disagree with someone's opinions and decisions, but please, have the maturity and integrity to do it fairly - and with some dignity.

Highly disappointed Annie

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

Highly disappointed Annie:

1) would you recite this little verse to Mr. Obama himself? Would he think it was clever and amusing?

Actually, no. If I actually had a conversation with the President, I would probably want to discuss far more serious matters. If he insisted on learning my thoughts regarding the verse in question, I would repeat my comment on this blog.

2) would you think it was funny if Mr. Obama applied the same style of "humor" to members of the Roman Curia?

Actually, no, but perhaps it might be interesting and amusing if the President were able to locate a similar paean to the Curia. If he were, I might be inspired to lampoon that.

3) regardless of your emotional feelings about Mr. Obama, are you aware that he is our elected President and as such represents the government of this country? To disrespect his position as President (which is not the same as agreeing or not agreeing with his politics) is to disrespect our country.

Actually, I am aware that the President is the President of the United States of America. I am aware that he was elected by a substantial majority. I am aware that, as the official head of state, he represents the government to all foreign dignitaries. I was not aware, however, that criticism of the President was tantamount to criticism of the country, as such. Actually I find that position to be highly dubious.

I think "disrespect" is not an appropriate word to use in this case. My respect for the President is, of course, not unalloyed. Indeed, I can't think of any President of the U.S. who has earned my respect to the extent that I would never even think of questioning something he said or did.

4) It's fine to reasonably disagree with someone's opinions and decisions, but please, have the maturity and integrity to do it fairly - and with some dignity.

Sorry, I can't help thinking that the verse that inspired my colleague's minimal efforts was quite unworthy of a serious rejoinder, but, rather, merited only scorn.

Notice, however, that I did not treat your remarks with the same scorn. It's a pity you didn't regard my comments, or Fr. Martin's as up to your level of maturity. Perhaps you should rethink that.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I appreciate you sharing your observations, and I do not like to disappoint you.

But, with respect, I think you're being unfair.

As to "mmm, mmm, mmm"--that came straight from the pro-Obama video that I was mimicking, which was very widely circulated; it's here at You Tube. I don't know if you saw it, but I guess if you didn't see it, with the media buzz that it, and other, subsequent videos, have generated, you won't get the joke I was trying to make. But if you did, then I think you can see why I think it's fair game.

You are the first person, in all the coverage I've seen, who saw the "mmm, mmm, mmm" part of the lyric as straight from Aunt Jemima. This got a lot of air-play in the media, and I never saw any of Mr. Obama's advocates complain of that.

As far as "gummint"--well, if Amos n Andy made that famous, it's news to me. I know who they were, and I've seen or heard a few minutes' worth of the show. That wasn't on my mind.

Actually, all I was trying to do was fit a word with my attempted cadence, and "government" didn't fit. So I went for a slangy shorter term. That's it. Plus, I'm pretty sure I've seen "gummint" used pretty commonly without the racial baggage you ascribe to it.

But based on your comment, I decided to google it (if you click on "google it" you should get the same list I got, or near enough).

What I saw, checking three or four links on the first page, was no reference to Amos 'n' Andy, nor any note that the term "gummint" was considered racial. It was being used as I used it--merely as slang.

But then I went here, and I saw an old Pogo cartoon, where one of the woodsy characters keeps saying "gummint." Well, I'd forgotten about old Walt Kelly, but I did grow up reading him in the funny papers, and he was widely regarded for many years, and I don't recall him being deemed racially insensitive for the term "gummint." So I don't see why "gummint" is so terrible.

I don't give a whole lot of thought to the President being black, other than to celebrate what's good about that--as I did after his election here

Would I recite it to President Obama? Well, I sure would, in the improbable circumstance that I were hired to do a sketch satirizing the President. If I didn't, it'd be because I came up with something better; but I certainly don't think it's too edgy or "disrespectful."

Have you ever seen these events, such as the Gridiron Dinner or the Al Smith Dinner, where politicians and the media satirize each other (including the President)? This is very tame by comparison to the things they do.

What about Mr. Obama doing something like that about the Curia? I wouldn't be offended; but I would be puzzled, because it wouldn't make sense. The point of my silly song was to satirize what the President's fans are doing. So, in the improbable event that Catholic priests start posting videos of silly songs praising the Curia...then I think it would be fair game to make fun of that. I wouldn't expect the President to do so, but I don't put myself in the same class as the President.

As far as "disrespecting" the President--I just don't agree. Making fun of the President is pretty common, although there are jokes and there are jokes. Again, this is pretty gentle ribbing, making fun of his supporters and his policies, not so much him.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I might as well throw in one more thing...

If you use the search feature on my blog--it's in the upper left-hand of the main page (for me, at least), for both "Bush" and "Obama," I think you'll find that I have been bi-partisan in directing my fire. It may be I never composed mocking ditties about President Bush (I don't recall), but more's the pity. I'm pretty sure I would have, given suitable inspiration, which happened along in this case.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Might I remind everyone that this is Fr. Fox's blog. As such, if anyone disapproves of what he is writing or saying, then perhaps he or she should no longer visit the site. Really, enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

I personally thought that Fr. Fox's parody was very clever.

In response to those who say that satire is unbecoming of a priest, I beg to differ.

I am not quite sure how they respond to the reality that Our Lord called people "broods of vipers" and "whitewashed tombs."

They probably haven't read the great saints, either, many of whom wrote--and said--some well-placed zingers to people who deserved them. If anyone deserved to be "zinged" it is the people who make a false Messiah out of Obama. That is not respect for the office of the president, it is idolatry.

One can be simultaneously holy and direct; or holy and witty.

Finally, I find it troubling that our culture has devolved to the "guilty until proven innocent" mentality that assumes someone is racist until he/she "proves" otherwise.

I was particularly disturbed by a poster calling Fr. Fox racist because "mmm...mmm...mmm" was 'out of Aunt Jemima' -- without apparently bothering to check the the data first.

The problem here is that long after someone realizes that his/her facts were wrong, or was sloppy in making an accusation, and his/her error is forgotten, the damage to the reputation of the person impugned as racist still sticks.

One should be very, very sparing in accusing someone of racism without evidence.

This false accusation is far more damaging and un-Christian than a little satirical humor.

-- Cincinnati Priest

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I accessed this blog through the St. Boniface Catholic Church's website. I am absolutely amazed that a Catholic priest posting on the church website would be wasting his time on such nonsense. I realize, Father Fox, that you are a human being with feelings and opinions, but I would think that your opinions would more closely follow the teachings of the church that I think you must love. I would think that your opinions would also more closely follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have read several of your blogs, and I am not inspired by any of them to go out and show Jesus to the world, or to try to find Jesus in other people, or to love my neighbor or to love my enemies. The world has more than enough divisiveness. I would appreciate your using the church website to help us find a way to love and forgive in the contentious environment we are in. You may think this is a naive view of Jesus' message, but I am telling you that this is exactly Jesus' message.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I'm not posting on the either parish's website; I'm posting these comments, such as they are, on my own.

Second, I might suggest you count the number of posts I've put up in the past two months.

For example, I'm posting this comment at about 10:30 pm, Saturday evening. What else would you reasonably expect me to do at this hour? In fairness, I think you will see I have spent very little time on my silly little blog here.

Finally, I am puzzled by the suggestion that my opinions do not, in fact, adhere to the Church's teaching. That's a serious accusation, not to be made lightly. Would you care to substantiate that, please?

I wasn't aware that poking fun at the President, and even more his over-the-top supporters, in any way deviated from Church teaching.