Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vote for Piqua Catholic! (bumped)

OK folks, I need your help--more than that, our kids in Piqua Catholic need your help!

Our kids are working hard to raise $50,000 for a new gym floor, as well as exercise equipment and new bleachers.

Good news? I am not asking you for money!

But I do need you--and everyone you can enlist--to go vote for Piqua Catholic.

Here's how:

The Pepsi Company has a "refresh challenge"; every month the company gives away over a million dollars for various good causes that enter the challenge; then, it is up to the groups to promote their cause, to generate votes for their project.

So, our kids, together with alumni and faculty, put together this video. On the post just below this, you can see the video embedded.

Last month Piqua Catholic started out at #319, and over our first month in this contest, we ended in 15th place. But to win our $50,000, we had to reach the top ten.

Well, we learned a lot about how other schools and charities won their grant, and now we're applying that.

As of today, we are in 5th place! That is awesome! Now we have to stay there!

So here's what I need you to do:

Go to this link and you will see a list of worthy causes. Please vote for all of them. Why all ten? Because one of the ways to win is to form "alliances" with other causes, with everyone helping to generate votes.

When you go vote, you do have to register with your email. I can tell that, after a month, I've gotten zero spam from Pepsi. They say they only use it to prevent folks gaming the system.

You can also vote via Facebook. All you have to do is sign in one way; then sign out; then sign in the other way. (I do it every day; takes a couple of minutes.)

And, if you text, you need only send this message: 104632 to this telephone number: 73774 (spells "Pepsi") once a day.

So please, please VOTE and PROMOTE!

Here's the deal...one way or the other, we will raise these funds. But: the payoff of this is when a Pepsi executive comes to Piqua, and all our kids are in the gym--on the cracked, slippery floor they now use--are there to accept one of those oversized checks for $50,000! Our kids will never forget what they accomplished. And I think that's a good thing, don't you?

Please VOTE and PROMOTE!


√Čamonn said...

Here I am in Dublin, Ireland voting for your project via the link in Creative Minority Report! Isn't the internet grand?

Fr Martin Fox said...


Hey, thanks!

I didn't know about the link at that site, so I went there to say thanks as well!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not in Ireland, but I hope a vote from a small island located between Japan and South Korea helps. I second the notion, the internet is grand!!!!

JohnK said...

Happy to help out! But you should really do something about your net neighbor there. The next video queued after your great song was:

"Piqua Police Round Up Drug Users"

:) Oops.