Sunday, May 27, 2012

Did I commit a liturgical violation?

After Mass today for Pentecost, I was pretty warm--as I did after 7 am, I removed my chasuble while greeting folks.

Then I had an idea! (Picture a light-bulb turning on over my messy hair...)

"Hey Jesse, come over here...(Jesse is about 5 or 6 years old) want try this on?

Jesse was uncertain--so I called over Nicholas, who is in third grade. He wanted to, so I put my chasuble over his head--of course it was like a tent on him. Then his brother Matthew who is a little taller ("no he's not!" Nicholas protested); then little brother Jacob; then Jesse decided he wanted to after all. They all took a turn trying on my red silk chasuble for a few seconds.

Apparently a lot of folks saw it, not sure if they thought it was a good idea or bad.

What do you think?

I think it's a good idea to invite boys to see themselves possibly as priests. After all, lots of boys dream of being baseball pitchers, firefighters, engineers, actors, etc.--without all becoming those things. But how many become an artist or an athlete without starting by seeing themselves filling that role?

It reminds me of an event with a family in the parish several years ago. A cousin was over, and he was wearing a black shirt--he was, I think 13-14 maybe? I joked about him looking like a priest, and he responded positively--and the idea came to me to hand him the white tab that I wear in my black shirt collar. He tried it on and sure enough, he looked like a  priest! He got a big grin and everyone reacted well. Mom didn't panic and dad didn't poo-poo it. The other boys reacted well.

Now that boy is a young man, and he says no, not likely...but he remembers it!

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GenXBen said...

I don't see any harm in boys wearing priestly vestments for the reason you describe. If its ok for actors to dress up as priest I don't see why a young boy can't.