Monday, November 12, 2012

Sundry thoughts on my day off...

Today I was at the seminary in the morning for another session with Fr Schehr, talking about Mark. Then over to Newport on the Levee for the day. Lunch at an Irish place named something like Claddagh. Then to the bookstore. I like to look to see what's new in Sci Fi (really alternate history); and I saw some books that looked misplaced. You know the types, with guys without shirts, showing off impossible chests and abs. Turns out they are a series of "vampire" stories--shirtless buff vampires, I guess--with titles like "Till Passion Burns"...I kid you not. There were two or three there, the only difference I could see was which way the shirtless guys were turned.

Over to the history section; I found a book I wanted to read all day: a series of historical "What if?" Questions. What if the Franco-Prussian War never happened? The author argued, then no WW I and No WW II, no holocaust, etc.

I got a ticket to see "Skyfall": best Bond movie ever. While waiting in line, I noticed a special event you won't want to miss: a "Twilight" marathon--all five movies! Did you know there were FIVE of them? Can you imagine watching all of them in one sitting? What would that do to a man unlucky enough to be dragged along? I should say boy, because grown men should not go to movies with teenage girls.

The HallowThanksmas trees and decorations are up. Tis the Season!

Now sitting down to dinner, so more on that later...

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