Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Things that happen downtown on a short walk for lunch

At the Archdiocese, we either bring our lunch or go out for it. If there's an executive dining room, I haven't been invited yet. So I walked down to a place I'd passed many times, called "The Orient: Chinese-Vietnamese Food." I looked for "Pho," which is Vietnamese noodle soup; it was listed as "noodles." It's cooling now.

Walking back, I saw this old message painted on the side of a building:

THE Dennison Hotel (just that way--with the "the" all caps and italics--so there would be no confusion)...

And under that, this appealing information:

"105 rooms -- 60 baths."

A few moments later, I walked by a parking garage. The attendant was standing in front, and he asked me to stop. "Do you know a woman named Sue Jones (it was a very distinctive name, which is omitted for obvious reasons)?"

"I'm sorry, say that again please?"

"Sue Jones--do you know her?"

"Um...no; why would I?"

"Well, I've seen her around with one of you guys--a reverend."

"Well, I'm sorry, I don't know that name."

Time to eat my Pho; it's still pretty hot, though...


Marc in Eugene said...

When did we Americans begin to expect, as if it were a part of the natural order of things, a bath in every hotel room? Holiday Inns? the 60s? did HIs become popular earlier? I have very few memories of downtown Cincinnati and the Dennison, ha, isn't one of them, but this intrigued me. The building was built in 1890, it seems; http://bit.ly/UAutAw.

Jennifer said...

What an interesting post!