Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A busy day after two down days

Sunday evening, I wondered if I was coming down with something; Monday morning I was sure I had. So Monday and Tuesday, I was at home, popping zinc tablets, drinking tea, coughing and choking and otherwise waiting for the viral storm to pass. It wasn't that I was so sick; it was just that I didn't want to be around anyone, and I am certain, had I gone to work, and been hacking and sniffling, few would have wanted me around.

But I had a problem.

Today, I was hosting a group of priests, which meets the last Wednesday of every month. And this month, the Archbishop had accepted our invitation. Pressure, pressure!

My original plans were to do some serious cooking. After coming down with a cold, I decided to moderate my plans. Thankfully, one of my brother priests, who was joining us, offered to help cook, so we got it together. 

We gathered at 4 pm, for conversation and drinks and snacks; then we had a holy hour at 5 (well, a few minutes late); yours truly handled the exposition, while I recruited other priests to lead Vespers and pray the Rosary. Toward the end, I hurried to the sacristy, while everyone was praying, because I had to cough something awful! I asked later, I hope you didn't hear me coughing; they said, "we did!" 

Dinner was enjoyable and we had a good conversation during and after; we had told his Excellency that we usually break up at 8; and we told him we didn't expect him to stay the whole time. He did; even though he had a long day tomorrow. 

Actually, I'm feeling a lot better than when I began the day. Maybe it was the zinc and chicken soup; maybe it was getting past this big project!

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truthfinder2 said...

Hope you keep feeling better. I enjoy your posts, and appreciate your enthusiasm. Cincinnati needs you! -- Rosemary