Friday, June 07, 2013

A conversation with the servers after Mass (in the older form)

Today I offered the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form for the third or fourth time. This time, I had an old hand serving, as well as a very new hand, the teenage son of our parish secretary. "Daniel" (not his real name) had never served the older form of the Mass--although he'd attended it a few times--but he knew I was beginning to offer it, and wanted to be part of it; the older parishioner, who I was talking to after the Noon Mass (in the ordinary form), was eager to help and stayed and served Mass for me. Along the way, he showed Daniel the ropes. 

Sorry to say I made a couple of mistakes, but fewer. 

After Mass, I asked Daniel his reactions. What did he think of Mass in the older form.

This is what he said:

> "It seemed more focused on God, where (the ordinary form) is more focused on the people."

> "It seemed more about sacrifice."

I said, wait--is this what you've heard from other people?

"Well, yes, but--I had come to these conclusions on my own."

And what about the silence? Did that bother you?

"No. It felt prayerful."

Did you feel badly that I turned my back on you?


Before he and his mom left for the day, she came and said: "Daniel wants to know if you'll be offering the Latin Mass next week?" I said Monday for sure. Looks like Daniel will be back.

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