Saturday, January 18, 2014

How long before you travel do you pack?

Tomorrow I'm jetting off to the Holy Land, and for a three-month sabbatical--which will include time in Rome, Turkey, and probably Germany. I expect to post when I can; I figure I'll post at least as often as before. Perhaps more? Who can say?

For about two weeks, folks have been asking me, "are you packed?" And they are surprised when I've said no, even this afternoon. How far ahead of a trip do you pack? Let me know in the comments.

As it happens, I came over after Mass, and took a few minutes. I'm mostly packed. I have a few more things to pack and off we go, tomorrow afternoon.

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Eileen Krauss said...

It must be a family thing.As I usually pack most everything the night before & the rest the day I leave.I think that's how mom &dad always did it. Take care & have a safe & interesting trip.