Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Homily at the Empty Tomb

Today our group of priests had the privilege of offering Mass at the tomb of our Savior. Yours truly was the homilist. As it we had only a short time, my sermon had to be brief. Here it is.

This is the earliest I've ever had my Easter homily done, so thanks! 

We've all noticed all the caves. 
Where Heaven visited Mary, where our Lord was born, where Elijah took refuge. 
And here is another cave, if you will. 

Why caves? They had a certain practicality and safety. 

But there are those who prefer we stay in a cave. Out of the way, out of sight. 
And we go along, because we feel safe. 

Remember how our Lord walked on the sea, and the Gospel says, 
he meant to pass by the apostles in the boat? 
They wanted to stay in the boat; he wanted them out of the boat. 

 Again, after the resurrection, where were the apostles? Safe, behind locked doors. 

We have seen lots of walls. New ones replacing old ones. 
Did you also notice how many of our churches and holy sites are likewise...
behind walls and locked gates? 

This is not what our Lord did. He did not stay long behind walls. 
And when the apostles received the Holy Spirit, neither did they. 

Pray, brothers and sisters, that the faithful of this land 
break out from behind the walls and gates to cry out, Jesus lives! Jesus reigns! 

And may that anointing fall on us too. What holds us back from making our own the cry of los martyres glorioso de Mexico? Viva Cristo Rey!

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Jennifer said...

What a lovely homily! Viva Cristo Rey! I hope nothing holds me back from saying this and from living this ideal. :)