Monday, May 26, 2014

Does anyone else cry during war movies?

I have to admit, I'm getting sentimental in my decrepitude. I am watching war movies on TCM, and this story got me  crying:

Five sons -- five! lost in the same battle. Can you imagine being the parent, given that news? The film portrays the parents being very stoic: no tears; pa goes off to his job on the railroad, and ma simply doesn't speak for a long while, before pouring a cup of coffee for the Naval officer who bore the news.

The movie ended, thank God, and I prepared some dinner. Some spaghetti and some red sauce, from the store. Pompilios; not bad! I opened some wine, and realized only upon opening it, that it's not really red wine, but rather, a bottle of Elderberry wine! How did that get here? No other red wine. Not much suffering, considering...

Meanwhile, lots of brave men and women are enduring risk and privation in many places around the world, on orders of our commander in chief, to defend our country. They'd be thrilled to have any crap wine offered, in sunshine and peace, back home.

Say a prayer for them. And then what? My friend Father Zuhlsdorf has a cause he's promoting, a good one: durable socks for soldiers in Afghanistan. I am going to chip in -- after I publish this post -- and maybe you'll want to as well. I wish I could do more for these excellent Americans, but at least I can send them some good, warm socks.

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rcg said...

If you want a real tear jerker look up and read the citations to accompany Medal of Honor. That is a guaranteed humbling experience.