Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Spending money...

Today I was buying liturgical books for the parish.

Because we have the Extraordinary Form Mass, we needed a resource with the readings in English. About 60 bucks from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

Because we have Mass at area nursing homes, we needed a travel edition of the regular missal. About 70 bucks from LTP. I'm not crazy about that missal, but it looks like it'll lay flat, and that's a good thing.

And because we sometimes have Mass -- in the Ordinary Form -- in Latin, we needed a Latin Missal. Cost? Over $400! Ouch!


Unknown said...
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Fr Martin Fox said...

Vickie de Palma:

Your rude, completely inconsiderate comment has been deleted.

Next time, try offering a relevant, not a self serving, comment.

rcg said...

The Readings in our FSSP Parish in Dayton are printed sheets that are available before Mass and get returned afterwards. Most folks bring their own missal. I really like my '62 from Baronius Press. Probably too expensive for many folks.

Trooper York said...

The cost of printing for a parish is onerous.

I am one of the main advertisers in the Parish Bulletin. The problem is that the cost has risen astronomically. It was originally around $300 seven years ago but has risen to around $900 today. I contemplated canceling but I felt I couldn't leave the parish high and dry as so many other advertisers had canceled.

Trooper York said...

This is all of a piece with my arguments with people about the problem of people who show up at church for Christmas and Easter and Weddings and Funerals.

The regular congregation has to foot the bills and listen to the visiting fireman come in and complain all the time that all the church is about is money when they never carry their weight.

Trooper York said...

On a happier note I just found out that a local parish is starting to celebrate the Latin rite. Excellent!

rcg said...

What a bout an app for folks to use? Costs almost nothing and could generate cash. How do we keep people from emailing?

Fr. James Reutter said...

Fr. Fox:

Yes, there is a huge mark up on Church goods, because such a limited market.

Regarding the Latin missal for the Ordinary Form, I believe that the Midwest Theologfical Forum does produce something called the Daily Roman Missal which has Latin / English on facing pages, and comes in various additions in the $150 and less range,

It is not quite as "user friendly" as the larger missals (e.g. if memory serves, no tabs and such) but may be serviceable if you are looking for a less expensive option for the Latin OF Mass.

I am traveling so don't have the ISBN info handy, but can check out their website at midwesttheologicalforum.org and enter "daily Roman missal" into the search box.

Fraternally in Christ,
-Fr. Reutter

Fr Martin Fox said...


Ah, too late, I already ordered the pricier option! But it'll be a good resource to have.

Deacon David Oatney said...

Father, I'd love to find a really good English translation of the EF Mass. One of the reasons my wife can't get into it is because the paperback English translations in the pew at the nearest parish which offers the EF aren't indexed very well, and they are hard to follow.

rcg said...

I have the Midwest Theological Forum Daily Missal and it cost about $65. It has the Latin English on facing pages and really good prayers and basic teachings, etc. the Baronus Press 1962 is really top notch and has a great summary of Christian knowledge. The guides for confession are excellent and truly guide through it. Excellent preparation for Communion as well as pre and post prayers. It cost about the same as the MTF here in a religious book store in Dayton.

Jennifer said...

The cost of goods has really gone up, hasn't it? I'm often surprised by how much things cost.

But I'm sure anything you spend to help bring people closer to Christ is more than worth it.

Hope you have settled in well in your new living arrangement. :)