Wednesday, January 09, 2019

'Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria' -- the latest 'transgender' menace

Things are moving fast. I'm just going to link this by Rod Dreher, writing at The American Conservative. (I don't endorse everything at that site, or even in Mr. Dreher's blog.) He is doing great work sounding the alarm. He, in turn, points to this site: 4thWaveNow.

But what Mr. Dreher points out is that "gender dysphoria" -- i.e., the phenomenon in which individuals, often children, begin to question whether their true identity is actually other than their biological sex -- is spreading as a kind of "social contagion." Parents are waking up to the sudden declaration by their teenagers -- more often girls -- are doubting their identity and already several steps down the road to "transitioning." These parents are finding NO help or support anywhere. Indeed, in many states it is illegal for therapists to challenge the young people's self-perception; rather, they are required by law only to "affirm" it.

This is happening in small towns and the "best" of families. Don't think for a second that it will only be someone else. This is real. Go check out the links I gave you; there's a lot more there.


Anonymous said...

The idea that parents are finding no help or support anywhere is terrible.

The American Psychiatric Association has free materials on the web that addresses this disorder at:

That should be a good starting place for these troubled families.


Fr Martin Fox said...


I suggest you follow the links and read what is found there. It describes, in great detail, how therapists routinely, if not uniformly, opt immediately to "affirm" the young person in his or her newfound identity, and to set the process in motion for hormones and transition.

There is almost no consideration that the young person may be confused and can be reaffirmed in his or her actual, biological identity. In 14 states and the District of Columbia, it is illegal for the therapist to help the minor patient recover his or her biologically-confirmed identity.

After you check that out, do let us know what you think.

Oh, wait! You can't do that! You're not a scientist, and this is science, so you aren't allowed to opine on that. (Your rules, not mine.)

Anonymous said...


You are grossly misstating what i said. We should educate ourselves on important matters before we speak. That is the responsible thing to do. That remains my point.

I assume you went to college, so you know that it is irresponsible and a waste of everyone's time to come to class and try to discuss the topic intelligently, if you haven't done the reading in advance. Wouldn't you agree with that?

As to your sources - The very first link of yours that i opened boldly identifies itself as an "alternative" to the medical standard on gender dysphoria. I'm curious why you would encourage us to begin our exploration of this topic with a source that is contrary to the medical standard? Isn't that like trying to learn about NY law by reading a source that is an "alternative" to what is commonly used to teach NY law? I've never heard of any topic being taught that way.


Fr Martin Fox said...

Atticus: "You are grossly misstating what i said."

No, I didn't. Let me recall our earlier interaction:

Me to you (on earlier thread): "Only scientists get to talk about science? Who makes that rule?"

You in reply: "In essence... kinda, yes, yeah."

As far as the links. My first link was to Rod Dreher's blog. He is writing about the subject. He is reporting on it. The second I gave you has parents telling their stories. I pointed you to these sites because there are lengthy and detailed discussions there. Caveat emptor. I have confidence in people being able to use their intellect to sort and analyze information.

It is becoming clear that your goal is not to engage but to troll. If you can't actually engage with my arguments, or those provided on the sites I referred to, then please don't waste my time. I will stop responding to you.

Anonymous said...

Youre trying to evade the point. My question is WHY are you suggesting these sources and not others? I think it is intellectually dishonest.

By analogy - If I asked you to recommend 4 books on the teachings of Christ would you recommend the books that the world’s foremost theologians rely on and quote in their scholarly writings, or would you recommend the one that holds itself out as an “alternative” to the others?

This isn’t trolling. This is reasoned debate coupled with analogy and research. I deserve at least that credit.
- Atticus

Fr Martin Fox said...

I told you why.

If my conversational style is not up to your standards, you can leave at any time.

And since you refused to answer my questions on the other thread, you are in no position to make any demands.

It was nice of you to stop by.

Doug said...

Not sure I'd trust the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association for help on this matter. They are clearly bowing to the pressures of political correctness over science. There is a story about their latest proclamation here:

Anonymous said...

This stuff is being aggressively promoted in the liberal eastern states, especially by their governments. I can only imagine how much positive advertising it gets within their progressive public schools. I am certain the AFT endorsed this, most public service Unions have a LBGTQ Committee to promote this. The psychiatric association was approached early in the progressive LBGTQ campaign to change their diagnosis manual. Civil Servants who personally oppose the LBGTQ agenda are professionally ostracized, even if their field of work is far removed from LBGTQ policy. Gay marriage, gay marriage with adoption? Gay Transsexual marriage with adoption? Trans-Teachers? All are rapidly promoted in the “progressive states” . The new trend among these progressive politicians is for them to give their Catholic faith as the reason for their action. It will be the Catholic politicians that are promoting LBGTQ politics, because that is what “good Catholics “ do.

TJM said...

Father Fox,

It sounds like Kavanaugh "Mr. Science" has followed you here!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I just noticed that Atticus referenced New York!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't read Ben Shapiro, especially when he's just criticizing someone else's work product; but I did just read the August 2018 APA Guidelines themselves.
An interesting read. Always go the source.
Thanks for the heads up.