Sunday, November 17, 2019

Judgment Day -- and how not to be worried about it (Sunday homily)

If this Gospel reading scares you…
If you are worried about Judgment Day…
Then come to confession!

When you make regular use of the sacrament of confession,
you will have nothing to worry about on Judgment Day.

If you aren’t sure you know Jesus very well,
that is the easiest thing to fix.
Jesus already knows you better than you know yourself;
And he wants you and me to know him, to be close to him.
Jesus invites each of us 
to the best and deepest friendship we will ever have.

How do we become friends with Jesus?

One way is to read his own words.
For Advent this year, we have a copy of 
the Gospel of Matthew available to all parishioners.
That is this brown book, and it’s in the vestibule right now.
It is the very text of the Gospel, along with excellent notes.

Of course, you might want a little more help with it,
So that’s why we have these white folders;
Inside is a easy-to-use study guide to walk you through.
This is from Scott Hahn, who is always solid.

And, for those who would like it, 
we are organizing some study groups 
that will meet for several weeks, 
so you can discuss this and sort it out with others.

And if you want to take advantage of that, 
fill out and return this card which is in the pews.
Only when we hear back from you 
that you want to be part of a study group, 
will our staff be able to match you up – 
so don’t delay turning in that card, please.

Some people would rather listen than read; 
So we have that option as well. 
In the brown books are cards 
that explain how you can go online to 
and listen to Matthew’s Gospel and the other information., by the way, is FREE and a great resource 
for lots and lots and lots of Catholic information.
Lots and lots! And did I mention it’s FREE?

Why Matthew? Because during 2020, 
that’s the Gospel we’ll hear at Mass nearly every Sunday.
In the Gospel today, Jesus said: 
“I myself will give you a wisdom” that others cannot refute.
His own words are surely that wisdom.

Just to review, you have four options!

1. Just read Matthew’s Gospel by itself. 
That’s the brown book.

2. Take advantage of Scott Hahn’s Study Guide.
That’s the white folder.

3. Be part of a group study. 
Turn in this card in the pew to sign up for that.

4. Listen for free to these materials online.
That’s on, and how to access it 
is on the card in the book.

To return to my main theme: Jesus wants to be friends.
Knowing his own words obviously helps.

But there’s no substitute for simply talking with Jesus.
If you have a good friend, you talk to your friend; 
you spend time together. You open your hearts.

Jesus warned us that times would get bad 
and everything would fall apart. 
I’m not looking forward to that; but if it happens, 
I want to be by Jesus’ side when it happens. Don’t you?


Anonymous said...

I live approx 628 miles from Russia Ohio, but I’m there with you! I’m going to follow along with y’all in this Matthew adventure as best I can. Thanks,’re one of the good-uns!

Anonymous said...

The study guide can be found at