Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Pentecost = everything we need (Sunday homily)

 Many – maybe most – of us are usually too busy this time of year

to realize what a big deal Pentecost is.

We have Christmas: God becoming one of us, among us;

Good Friday and Easter: Jesus dies for us, and rises from the dead;

And then we have Pentecost:

Jesus gives you and me the Holy Spirit; God living in us.

The only thing remaining is the journey back to God,

which is our daily life as Christians.

And in case it’s not crystal-clear:

Jesus has given you and me everything we need

to make that journey safely.

Tonight, you and I are welcoming ____ to join us on that journey.

She was drawn by the Holy Spirit –

and by the example of Catholics around her –

to want the gift of faith she saw in us!

Think about that: your example of faith matters.

Either you and I are giving a good example, or a bad one.

The people around us aren’t likely to read the Catechism;

instead, they learn and decide about Catholicism

from what they see in you and me.

This is a good time to talk a little about the journey we –

in our group of three parishes –

are making together as a “family of parishes.”

We are at 11 months, and my perspective is that

with God’s grace,

and a lot of cooperation and openness by our parishioners,

This has been less perilous than it might have been.

As you and I press forward, and become a family together,

That spirit of generosity you’ve shown will serve us well.

A lot of us are praying! Thank you! Keep doing it!

Let me highlight something you and I can do this year;

something I’m announcing today in the bulletin:

It’s time to start praying for the Holy Spirit’s help

to choose a name for our family of parishes!

Please read what I wrote in the bulletin, and watch for more details.

But the basic idea is that from now till August, we will pray:

Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire us in this decision.

At the feast of the Assumption in August,

everyone will be invited to suggest a name for our family,

and then, from All Saints to Christmas,

we will narrow it down and finally choose a name together.

The future is always unknown and some worry – some worry too much.

I’ve learned that nothing I can say can stop worriers from worrying.

I will simply say again:  

Pentecost reminds us that Jesus has given us

everything you and I need to make the journey safely.

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rcg said...

Good luck picking the name for the family of parishes.