Monday, November 20, 2023

Steak dinner

So, let's talk about dinner tonight...

The other priest (in case you haven't figured it out, I think it's courteous not to mention his name online; I'm not being rude) and I agree that steak is delicious and Monday is a good time for both of us to enjoy it.

I tend to like tomato salad with steak, so...

This is Campari tomatoes, with olive oil, red vinegar, salt, pepper, basil, garlic and red pepper.

We also like sauteed mushrooms, so...

This is "baby bella" mushrooms (I usually get regular ole white mushrooms, and I like them better) sauteed in olive oil, with salt and pepper, and after the water is cooked out, I add worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper and finally, butter. They go in the oven to wait while the steaks are finished.

Oh, and I had to get the turkey out of the brine, in anticipation of the big day later this week. After rinsing off the brine, this is the turkey:

I placed this big bird (22 lbs) in the fridge, so the skin can dry out, so it ends up crispy as all normal people love.

Speaking of steaks, here's what they looked like when I put them in the fridge yesterday:

I got them out at around 3 pm -- they were darker and drier on the surface -- and popped them in the oven at about 150 degrees: low and slow.

Around 4 pm -- after finishing the mushrooms -- they went on a hot grill to get a good sear, then I rested them with dried thyme and butter, about 7-8 minutes. They were a nice medium rare; I served them with the mushrooms (finished with butter) and the tomato salad, plus a nice cabernet.

Oops, I skipped the antipasto, which consisted of various cheeses in the fridge, plus some salami, plus some olives and marinated artichoke hearts; I enjoyed a martini with that, the other priest waited for dinner to enjoy some wine.

Now all is eaten and all dishes are put away. By the way, the steaks were on sale.


Anonymous said...

The steaks look awesome. I love the dry aging. Do you roast the tomatoes? I really like roasted veges so roast everything. And add balsamic vinegar. This looks great and am anxious to hear how the turkey goes. I brine mine until the day of cooking then stuff the skin with sage and thyme and cover the bird in bacon for roasting. I line skillet with parsnips, carrots, and celery to collect the fat then stuff the bird with apple, orange, onion, and cinnamon.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I don't roast the tomatoes, that was a cold salad. Sometimes I add onion or shallots. I prefer red wine vinegar to balsamic.

For the turkey, stay tuned.

rcg said...

Apologies, Father, I didn’t properly log in to ask about roasted veges. Fresh unroasted is also delicious. I tend to go overboard with my griddle. 😋

Fr Martin Fox said...


The vegetables you cook in the roasting pan -- do you serve them as-is, or do you use them to make stock, then gravy? I am planning to fill my roasting pan with the same sort of vegetables, but I didn't really have a plan for what to do with them afterward.

rcg said...

Fr. Fox, you can do either but the veges after several hours of roasting and soaking in drippings are pretty soft and no texture. The fat is pretty strong, too. So I purée the whole thing and save it to use later as a soup base. You may want to strain it, too. So at the end we have a container of turkey fat and cooked veges for soup base and stock madde from the roasted carcass of the bird. I have NO problems with left overs, 😋

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thanks! You have given me some ideas!