Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another bishop speaks courageously: 'Reaping the whirlwind of abortion'

Bishop Doran
Diocese of Rockford, Illinois

I want to touch on this matter before we get too close to the November madness. As human beings, as citizens of a “first world country,” as Americans, and as Catholics, most importantly, we have to take count of the circumstances in which we live. We know that the only creatures of God that outlast time are those created having intellect and will. All other things, with the passage of time, break up or break down.

Many of the issues that confront us are serious, and we know by now that the political parties in our country are at loggerheads as to how to solve them. We know, for instance, that adherents of one political party would place us squarely on the road to suicide as a people.

The seven “sacraments” of their secular culture are abortion, buggery, contraception, divorce, euthanasia, feminism of the radical type, and genetic experimentation and mutilation. These things they unabashedly espouse, profess and promote. Their continuance in public office is a clear and present danger to our survival as a nation.

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Anonymous said...


That's not pulling many punches. Though I'm a bit surprised that he was willing to go as far as he did, but unwilling to name the political party. Because there's no confusion about which party he's talking about.

"Their continuance in public office is a clear and present danger to our survival as a nation."


Anonymous said...

The letter is just an intemperate rant, more a political than theological statement. Now you may think that the time has come for such intemperance, but it is a violation of one of the cardinal virtues nonetheless.

Orange_Cross said...

Well said rp

J.D. said...

I think it is dangerous to think that we can abolish abortion and redeem the culture simply by electing Republicans into office.

*Not* that I'm denying that the Democratic Party is as perversely crooked as a dog's hind leg, but simply that Manicheanism is as inaccurate (and deadly) in politics
as it is in theology.

Anybody follow affair in Maryland, where Governor Ehrlich explained that the teachings of the Church have no place in his "Big Tent"?

Anonymous said...

I am rather shocked that Bishop Doran said "buggery" instead of "differently abled alternative affective process."