Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Teens cope with unwanted births better than abortion: new study

National Study Finds Teens Who Abort
Are More Likely to Experience
Subsequent Mental Health Problems
Compared to Those Who Give Birth
to Unplanned Children
Springfield, IL (Aug. 10, 2006) -- Adolescent girls who abort unintended pregnancies are five times more likely to seek subsequent help for psychological and emotional problems compared to their peers who carry "unwanted pregnancies" to term, according to a new nationally representative study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
Dr. Priscilla Coleman, a research psychologist at Bowling Green State University, also found that adolescents who had abortions were also over three times more likely to report subsequent trouble sleeping, and nine times more likely to report subsequent marijuana use. The results were compiled after examining 17 other control variables, like prior mental health history and family factors, that might also influence subsequent mental health.

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My comment: We all know how "studies" can, even with the best of intentions, be fatally flawed because people don't interpret the data validly. If anyone finds a real flaw in this, let me know in the comments. Even so, this seems common-sensical.


Anonymous said...

The word abortion is such a red flag that people tend to forget the originating tragedy - that a young female is or was pregnant.

When this happens it is very sad for both the young female and the infant she carries; neither of them are going to do well. I don't believe abortion is the answer to this dilemma, by the way, but I do wish people would stop concentrating solely on the after-the-fact controversy of abortion vs life, and give at least some attention to the prevention of the original problem, that of inappropriate pregnancy.

It's clear to see that today's girls are sexually exploited for others' whims or profit.

I don't understand why girls are not encouraged to have more self-respect, to regard their bodies as sacred and personal. At what age do these girls, who lend themselves so freely to the moment, begin to think it's normal to allow others to violate them? Why are young girls encouraged to dress so immodestly that they seem to be advertising themselves as ready and willing?

Abstinence is a perfect way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and if there is no pregnancy, there cannot be an abortion.

Could churches run programs that build up young girls' respect for themselve and for their future children and relationships, so that they will choose abstinence?
Perhaps teens and pre-teens today are so bombarded by ads for suggestive clothing and by the lyrics of pop music or the influence of most movies and tv programs that they are confused about choices and messages.


Orange_Cross said...

One possible confound I see is that "seeking" psychological help might be confused with with whether or not the person "seeking" help has psychological problems. If an object of the study is to establish whether there is a significant difference in the psychological conditions between those who have abortions and those who do not then the data should come from a qualified diagnostician's (psychologist) diagnosis , it is not clear to me that the study group was diagnosed in such a way. Based on the article, I believe a possible alternative interpretation of those having abortions seeking mental help could be their predisposition to seek medical help for other purposes, most specifically abortion surgery, as a solution to their perceived problems.

joeh said...

The evil or abortion has been widely known and understood for decades. Women are only now starting to come out and tell the impact on their lives. Medical research has shown the impact in many areas for women but many are intimidated from putting the data out and when they do can count on being attacked. Just look at how facts are handled when a young child goes in for an abortion and the abortion mill does not obey the law and report the obvious crime. Where is the outrage that a rapist has been allowed to go free? The violence done to this child is at least as great as that of a boy abused by a priest and in the case of the girl, a baby was killed as a result.