Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bringing back Latin, redoing the liturgy -- a great explanation

Father Rob Johansen, a pastor in the Diocese of Kalamazoo, has a blog where he posts his thoughts and homilies, as do I and many other priests.

I chanced upon this homily in which he explains, to his parish, the reason it is important to keep Latin in the liturgy, to have a proper translation of the Mass. I would add that it gives an explanation for the "reform of the reform" movement that is catching on around the country.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Fox,

Could you check the link? When I try to click through to the homily, I get sent to Blogger's login portal.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Johansen's blog is:


Note the last three letters in his name: "sen"

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thanks for the heads up, sorry about the errors. The link seems to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Fox,

Have you provided a similiar explanation as Fr. Johansen's to your parishes? If not, do you plan on doing so?


Anonymous said...

There was a similar article on the NOR today, about bringing back the Latin. An old article, but a good one.

Gavin said...

What Fr. Johansen didn't mention is that he had a handout with various quotes from the council, JP2, and various bishops and archbishops about the Latin language, as well as examples of poor translations in the ICEL. I think, even more than the sermon, that may help spread the idea more. People may disagree with Fr. Johansen, but many people may look at it as "John Paul said that? Really?" Also, I'm sure many people at least learned something they didn't know about the Mass and language, which most people do enjoy.

Todd said...

I suppose it's somewhat helpful to provide those translations and criticize ICEL so long as the people also know that the Vatican approved them all. More than that, a better translation was completed, but deep-sixed nine years ago. The last nine year I blame the CDWDS under Medina. ICEL had it fixed.