Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Spirit helps us see (2nd Scrutiny)

A lot of blind people in the readings today.
In the first reading, pretty much everyone is blind:
nobody sees anything special in the youngest son,
not even the Prophet…Samuel.

In the Gospel, lots of people think they can see.
But what do they see?
A man born blind;
a man who must be a sinner—
or else his parents must be.
Someone of no importance.

Only one person really sees in the readings:
God sees—in the first reading,
And God in human flesh—that is, Jesus—sees.

Of course, the blindest one of all isn’t the blind man.
He’s sees better than most—
he sees who Jesus is.

No, the blindest ones are those
who think they see just fine.

Boy, isn’t that us a lot of the time?

As last week’s readings—filled with water—
recalled our baptism,
so this week’s readings, especially the first one,
recall the Sacrament of Confirmation.
The prophet comes to anoint a chosen one;
And the Spirit rushed upon him.

That’s for everyone here preparing for confirmation—
either at Easter, or on April 22.
For those of us who have been confirmed,
we, too, have been chosen;
we have been anointed by God;
and the Spirit has rushed upon us as well.

The connection between the readings is this:
When we are guided by the Holy Spirit,
We will see as Christ sees.

Do you want to see?
Ask Jesus to open your eyes.
But be careful what you ask for.

You may see someone in need—
and realize God is calling you to do something about it.
That’s why people never see the “elephant in the room”—
because that’s how we avoid doing something about it.

You may see something, in your own life,
and see it as God does—and realize, it has to go.

The Holy Spirit who rushed upon David,
wants to rush upon each of us as well.
All we have to do is ask.

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Kasia said...

How many elect do you have this year, Father?