Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who cares about Latin & chant?

...Apparently, a whole lot of you do!

As of 5 pm, I've had over 800 visits today, and I expect a lot more by midnight. As it stands, I've never had that many visits on one day, and it's all been about the survey about use of Latin and chant at Mass. Yes, it helps that several popular sites have linked this post; but the point remains--a whole lot of folks are really interested in this subject.

Sometime later this evening, someone will be my 100,000 visitor! Thanks for your interest.

Update: As of 11:15 pm, over 1,200 visits today, on top of about 100 last night, in response to the survey below on Latin used at Mass.

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TerryC said...

With so many responses I'm really bummed that none are near me. The best I can do is a Tridentine Latin Mass 40 miles away. I would prefer an N.O. Mass, but unfortunately none of the pastors nearby seem to have much inclination to use the traditional Latin & Greek