Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Missa Latina (Latin Mass) tomorrow...

Just a reminder, the monthly Mass, (mostly) in Latin, will be at St. Mary Parish, Piqua Ohio, tomorrow at 8 am, as on every first Wednesday morning of the month.

Remember, this is according to the current Missal -- not the old, "Tridentine" Mass, but the form of the Mass as modified after the Council. When I say mostly in Latin, that means the collects, readings and petitions are in English. Everything else in Latin, a fair amount will be sung.

Oh, and this is snow or no snow. Mass must be offered, even if it's only the Lord and me!


Fr. Ron Williams said...

All right, we get the point -- it's the Advent season. Now would you please get rid of this awful purple color (which looks like cough syrup) and use a different background color that's easier to read!

Fr Martin Fox said...


Your blog, your choice of color.

Anonymous said...

I had planned on driving up from Cincinnati. Guess I will have to make the next one.

Love the purple reminder of this wonderful season of preparation.

Fr. Ron Williams said...

You the man, Father Martin!

Fr Martin Fox said...

Fr Ron:

I meant to say, my blog, etc., and I was going to leave it as-is; but then I decided to tinker.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered facing ad orientum for the canon of the Mass? I ask, not because I am a fan of the Traditional Latin Mass, I'm not, but because I really wonder if it would make a big difference. And if so, what kind...

Jane M

Anonymous said...

Fr. Fox, what Jane ask is of interest. I'm assuming the Tabernacle in the church you oversee is in a side chapel. If so, could you re-position it so that it is directly behind the altar (as they use to be) and then offer mass "ad orientum" This way, you will be facing our Lord and Saviour, and directing the offertory prayers to Christ the King. Doesn't this make perfect sense? I'll be bold and answer Jane's question--it will make a great difference for you and the faithful assiting you at this particular Mass. To use an old cliche, "try it, you may like it" Fr. Fox.


Fr Martin Fox said...


The subject of ad orientem has come up; I think it may be a bit early to do that.


The Lord is on the central axis of both churches I pastor.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, inaccordance with His Holiness Benedict XVI, there is no "Old Tridentine" liturgy. There is only ONE liturgy with two forms, the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite and the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Responding respectfully...

I did not refer to two liturgies, but rather, I used the word "form," as you did as well. And while you are correct, there is one Roman Rite, there are two Missals.

Like it or not, when I've written about this before, on this site, I've carefully said I was doing the current form of the Mass in Latin, not the "old"/"extraordinary" form, and still people didn't know whether I mean the new or old Missal, the ordinary or extraordinary usage. So I used the term "Tridentine" to clarify things.

Anonymous said...

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