Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Away with the pope!

Early tomorrow, the retired priest hereabouts and I will set off for D.C. to concelebrate Mass with the Holy Father--how cool is that?

I just got back from the grocery store, where I picked up a few food items; it's hit-or-miss if you can get proper food to eat while driving, and I dislike stopping much on a drive this length--I prefer to keep going. And, even if we stop, we can eat the food I bring instead.

Still tonight I have to pack a few items and get some sandwiches ready for tomorrow, and try to think of the things I would otherwise forget!


beez said...

God be with you on your trip Father. (Although you may not see this until it's complete.)

pdt said...

Your subject line cause a minor coronary until I read of your great opportunity. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You just casually mention you get to concelebrate Mass with the POPE!? How does one get to do this? Did you win the Papal Lottery?

Can't wait to hear about your trip.

God Bless,

mrsdarwin said...

We looked for you while watching the USCCB coverage of the Mass. Alas, we couldn't pick you out from the large crowd of priests, but we did get close-up shots of the Pope, and that was pretty cool. :)

Father Martin Fox said...


Heh--I was having a bit of fun of course with the headline, hoping it would generate some interest...


The Archbishop advised the priests in this diocese some time back that all priests in the U.S. would be invited to concelebrate, and I put in for a ticket; then, we got word it wouldn't happen; then we got word it would. The whole thing was dicey until I finally decided I was going earlier this week.

I hope to put up a post tomorrow, as I just arrived home after a day-long drive.

But, of course, concelebrating Mass with the successor to Peter...how cool is that?

Kit Brookside said...

I hope you hd a wonderful time, Fr.!