Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catholics to Lift up Jesus as King of Piqua May 16-18; Corpus Christi Procession Sunday, May 18



PIQUA—Members of Saint Boniface and Saint Mary Catholic parishes will celebrate Jesus’ gift of salvation and his presence in the world in a special way, May 16-18, 2008.

The focus of the weekend will be the Eucharist: “Catholics believe that as the saving death and resurrection of Jesus are made real in the Mass, so we believe the Eucharist—the bread and wine consecrated at Mass—truly become the Body and Blood of the Lord,” explained Father Martin Fox, pastor of the two Piqua parishes.

“Because we believe the Eucharist really is Jesus, then we adore our Lord in the Eucharist,” Father Fox added. “Lifting up Jesus and begging God’s blessings for our community is our whole purpose in this weekend.”

Beginning with Mass with schoolchildren 8:45 am Friday, May 16, at St. Mary, the Eucharist will be placed with honor on the altar for worship and prayer; the church will remain open for adoration day and night, through Friday and Saturday, interrupted only by normal Masses. “Some remember this as ‘40 Hours’—but it’ll be a little longer,” Father Fox explained. “Anyone who wants to experience Jesus’ presence is welcome.”

The climax, Sunday, May 18, will be a traditional “Corpus Christi” (Latin for “Body of Christ”) procession. The procession will depart St. Mary church, 528 Broadway, around 1 pm Sunday, and proceed to St. Boniface church, 310 S. Downing Street, concluding with prayer and benediction around 2 pm, and a bring-your-own Pot Luck after that. “As far as anyone knows, a procession bringing our Lord from one parish to the other has never happened in Piqua—this will be a first,” Father Fox observed.

Coordinating the events is Thomas Caserta. “We want to include everyone who wants to take part. Not only parishes around the area are being invited and various organizations, but really anyone who wants to honor Jesus Christ. He is our king,” Caserta explained. The city has approved the route for the procession, Caserta said.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Father, this sounds terrific! I hope it spreads -- there's actually a parish near where I live which is having a similar Blessed Sacrament Procession on May 24 -- just after Corpus Christi. This procession will also wind its way through the streets, but it's only for one day. Never mind -- it's one day in this parish apart from so many parishes which don't even have Exposition, let alone a Procession. However, I take heart from Our Lord's parable of the mustard tree -- one seed produces a humongous tree! May it thrive, and I'll pray for perfect weather in Piqua for that weekend.

Patricia Gonzalez

Fr. Ron Williams said...

The event sounds great! But do you really need a press release?

Father Martin Fox said...

Father Ron:

In Piqua, this will be a big deal.

Padre Steve said...

I just noticed that you were ordained on the Feast of Mary, Help of Christians! As a Salesian of Don Bosco I notice those things! Keep up the great work on the blog! God bless! Padre Steve, SDB

Fr. Rob Johansen said...

Fr. Fox:

I'm glad to see that you're doing this!

One question, though... Why are you doing this on the weekend of the 16th? Corpus Christi is on the 25th.

Father Martin Fox said...

Father Rob:

Well, the following weekend is Memorial Day, and there are graduations...I made the practical judgment that we'd have more involvement this weekend, and I thought that was important the first time out.

Diane K said...

How about someone taking a few digital photos and posting them. It can be done discretely and with respect.

As a side note, it is really sad these days that so many people hav no idea how to behave around the Blessed Sacrament when it is exposed or when it processes by.

People need their pastors to teach them and in some cases, I'm sure the pastors need to learn. I'm sure it wasn't a priority in some seminaries. I can't imagine the things that have been taught while training and education around all things Eucharist devoid.

I think that is changing!