Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My day...

A rundown...

I met with the music director at 9, we talked about several items, including:

1. The Corpus Christi "event" this weekend ("40 Hours" followed by a Eucharistic Procession on Sunday, in Piqua, from church to church).
2. Several special events I wanted him to begin thinking about for later this year.
3. Assorted parish business.

After that, I was supposed to work on my homily, but that didn't happen.

I dropped by the school around 11:30 to discuss some business with the principal, and to pick up a list of the school board members because I needed to send them a letter.

Back at the office, I sent out some letters to various folks on various projects, including an important meeting in about a week, another meeting I want to schedule for June, and handled some phone calls related to the Corpus Christi event. Lots of details...

A meeting at 1 pm with some volunteers who help me in the sacristy of one of the parishes.

A meeting with the coordinator of religious education about confirmation for next year and related issues.

A parishioner stopped by with a concern, we talked. Several more phone calls, a number of emails; opened mail. Wrote up some notes from an important meeting a few weeks back, got to this late, but finally got it done, circulated it via email around to other folks for input and next step.

Realized I forgot to shave this morning, I look a little fuzzy (actually that came earlier in the day).

Checked in with staff members about various items.

Some more phone calls.

Browsed a litte online just now, taking a pause before I go over for the Bible study at 7, then I have a meeting with the Knights of St. John around 8:30, I hope to be home by 9:30 or so.

This is actually a little bit lighter than usual, not as much stuff on my desk. "The Pile" has shrunk ever so slightly...


Anonymous said...

My friend is the in hospital with a very rare infection and pregnant with #6 (scheduled to enter the world on May 27th). I've got #2-5 at my house with my three. I'll take my circus over yours!

(They are treating her and all is well!)

Padre Steve said...

I suppose it is a blessing to be busy and have so much to do... as long as God doesn't bless us too much! I like the bit about forgetting to shave! Keep up the good work! Keep smiling and God bless! Padre Steve, SDB

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

please update my blog link..check out at the old...many thanks fr..

Anonymous said...

You're a very busy priest! Drop me a

Ebeth said...

Thanks for the insight into your day....possibly a typical parish priest's day? Still feel that I shouldn't both you guys for silly things like spiritual direction.

What do you thinK?

Hugs and tons of appreciation!

Ebeth said...

...bother ...I meant to spell....sorry!!


Anonymous said...