Saturday, June 14, 2008

How do I get the pics off the little thingy?

I borrowed a camera from the vicar back in April, before I went to D.C. for the Mass with the Holy Father...and I still have it on my desk. It's a digital camera, Olympus D-380. It has a little memory card that you pull out, plus a small, round port, where I'm guessing one can plug in a cable?

If you want to see pictures of me at the aforementioned Mass (note, I didn't say good pictures, what does it tell you I don't even own a camera?), maybe let me know what I do to get the info off the little thingy in the camera?

(This is what I do while I wait for an appointment due in a few I took some pictures of Saint Boniface, while I went over to make sure the A/C was working...)


Diva Mom Vicki said...

I'm no computer expert, but my digital camera came with a USB cable that connects the camera to a USB port on my computer. As soon as I hook the cable up the pictures are sucked into my hard drive. OR you can take the memory card to a local photo kiosk (they have them in the Walgreens here) and print out the photos directly. Then you can always scan them and save to your hard drive if you have a scanner.

Your parishes are absolutely gorgeous by the way. Out west where I'm located almost every parish was built in the past 20-30 years and has that lame modern feel to them.

Love your blog, Father! And thanks for blogrolling me.

Jackie said...


Option 1 - Find a 18 - 20 year old guy and he now comes hard wired to do this sort of thing (set up cell phones, set up computers, get pictures off cameras, etc.) My house currently has one in residence however I'm obligated to feed him. Borrowing is cheaper.

Option 2 - exactly right Diva Mom Vicki - there is a cable to put in the little hole - but it is NOT round (that's probably power) - it is sort of rounded corner rombus shapped. Hook the USB end up to your USB port on the computer and a pop up menu should pop up (hence the name) and chose picture.

If it does not pop up - go to search on your start menu, chose folders, and go to computer. You should see your camera. You MUST have your camera turned ON!!

Then you can highlight the pictures you want (you can see a 'thumbnail' of it by choosing that on the options pulldown menu at the top). If you want multiples - highlight one, hold down the control key, click/highlight the others you want and then you can drag them to the folder you want on your hard drive all at once.

Option 3 - the little stick cannot only be taken to the kiosk at the stores (like Walgreens) to print BUT often they will burn a disk if you like. Additionally, look on your computer, Father, on the edges if it's a laptop - it may have a slot for it. Then you can see it using the search, folder method as above - if the pop up menu doesn't do it's thing.

Hope that helps - good luck, Father.

pdt said...

This might help a bit:

Look forward to the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Fr, the Vicar probably has the cable for the camera so the fastest way would be to go to Walgreen, etc, or to the Vicars computer. Walgreen will burn a disk for you with the pics for a price and then you can look and see if you want any of them and also put them on your hard drive.


Bill Logan said...

I'm a fan of option #4--get a memory card reader. It's a device somewhat bigger than a flash drive. You plug the memory card into the reader, then plug the reader into the computer's USB port. At that point, you can download the pictures off of the memory card. The computer will treat the camera's memory card as if it were a flash drive.