Saturday, July 19, 2008

Piqua Making its Mark in Liturgy

At right you'll see a "new" link, Laus Deo, which is the new name for the site run by John Wright, the Music Director for our two parishes in Piqua. "Laus Deo" means "Praise God," and it appears in the window nearest the choir loft in Saint Boniface Church.

Our music program is growing, thanks to John's leadership and the enthusiasm and generosity of all involved. What many may not appreciate is the time and effort it takes; our choirs are made up of busy people, so it is a sacrifice of time and effort to come together week after week, and learn and practice new music. We have a choir for each parish, plus a schola cantorum that specializes in chant and polyphony, plus a bell choir; and soon, we will be organizing a high school ensemble, and I have hopes for the children's choirs as well.

Well, it helps to have two beautiful churches in which to sing, and to do it in the context of the Sacrifice of the Mass, and to have good leadership which, as I say, we do.

John has composed, and shared with the parishes, a choral setting of the Kyrie which is available online at Sibelius. Go check it out!


mbyrne said...

What you are doing is wonderful, Father. My parish is actually fairly orthodox, but still our music program has a long way to go to do something like you are doing.

Anonymous said...