Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Site Prays for Priests

My brother priest and former instructor in the seminary (he may prefer I don't say that!) Rev. Rob Jack has created a new web site which is all about praying for priests. What a great idea, I really hope you will visit Ecce Sacerdos. Thanks to Father Jack for this; also visit his other site.

Some people think priests have a golden ticket to heaven; I truly believe it is the opposite.

Scripture makes clear that pastors and those with a prophetic or teaching role will be held to answer for whether they warned people from a path leading them to danger and eternal damnation. How many souls may end up in hell because I chose not to confront or challenge? And how can God not hold me accountable for that?

Then, when I do stand up and teach and challenge, I reprove myself! Do I practice what I preach? I certainly do not.

Priests are subject to every temptation of every other man, and a few others besides. We are tempted to misuse our power, and we are tempted to slack off. We are tempted to feel sorry for ourselves or to think our sacrifices or challenges are so much greater than others, when that is far from true. We are tempted to say and do what will win applause or will make things more pleasant. We are tempted to congratulate ourselves as being prophetic when all we're being is a pain.

So, yes, I know many people pray for priests, and I am grateful; I thought you might like some additional reasons for doing so.


gemoftheocean said...

Dear Fr. - Earlier this year I started to offer my Sunday evening rosary for priests.

If there's anyone the devil hates and attacks, it's you guys.

EC Gefroh said...

Father, my friend and I have our bishop's approval for running the Spiritual Moms for Priests Apostolate in the Honolulu Diocese and we pray for ALL our priests daily.