Saturday, September 06, 2008

What I'm up to...

Sorry it's been awhile, that tells you how busy a week it has been.

I've met with both parish councils and both finance councils in the past 10 days, both because that's the usual cycle (for pastoral council) and also, to discuss and approve budgets for coming year. It's been a crunch, due to the server problems I described the other day, which slowed down our staff from finalizing income and expense information.

This weekend, I present to each parish a financial report; next week, a letter goes out, asking everyone to do his or her best. I had to write those letters today, and prepare two talks (one for each parish), and finalize the spreadsheets, and run the copies. In a bit, I'll head over for Mass.

After giving a talk at all Masses...this year, I'm doing it at the end of Mass, not as a homily, which did not sit well with me. But that is a risk; at homily time, folks are a "captive audience."

Where was I? Oh yes...after the last talk after Noon Mass, I have to get ready to head out of town. I'm heading to Chicago for the Sancta Missa workshop on the extraordinary form of the Mass, what used to be called the "Tridentine" Mass. I will, in short, learn how to offer Mass. I am looking forward to it, but it is real work. Some will wonder why I do this--because the Holy Father said to pastors, be ready and willing to provide this Mass, if asked. I have had a few ask. More likely will, in time. What am I to say to people who ask for it for a funeral or wedding?

That said, this workshop will just be a start, but there you have it.

I'm back next weekend, then after that, blessed vacation in an undisclosed location.


Anonymous said...

Dear Father,
In this week's "Food For the Flock
" , you asked us to pray for you, because you've been feeling tired lately. I'm glad to do this, but at the risk of sounding like somebody's mother (which I am),have you seen a doctor? When a person is continually tired, sometimes there is a reason. Think of it this way: the shepherd needs to take care of himself, or he cannot take good care of his flock. Wishing you well, Suzy K.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thanks, I think it's just a lot of work and stress, but I promise if I don't feel better after some time off, I'll see a doctor.

I hope I didn't overstate the matter--I'm not that tired; I just need to have a vacation!